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    A fan of the outdoors. I like fishing and being in nature.
    Also like airsoft and RC Planes.

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  1. Happy Birthday Matrix86m!

  2. Happy Birthday Matrix86m!

  3. Thank you for making the probation training as fun as it could be. You made me feel more than welcome. I'm happy to be back on the team ;)

    1. Matrix86m


      Was my pleasure man, glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Matrix86m


      And remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask :-)

  4. New things.... Excited :-)

    1. JefferyDahmer


      Welcome to the EMT Service! Hope you enjoy!

    2. JohnArtemis


      Ask jeffrey about his probing the probies special :)

    3. Zackcb



  5. Been a while... see if i can find the time to show my face again some times soon :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zackcb


      Who are you again?

      Welcome back bud.

    3. MrWussy


      I think this is some Dutch dude I once knew :-P

    4. teehachse
  6. Happy Birthday Matrix86m!

  7. So i found out why men shouldn't cook.. at least we had some extra meat for dinner lol.

    1. xXFallenAngelXx


      maybe Dutch men... in the UK we don't trust women with knives.

    2. Sjonkovic


      Matter of proper training m8. It'd poison you gotta keep an eye out for.

  8. The blue name suits me better :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MrDodgeballWizard


      i liked the purple one better :<

    3. Reeko


      I liked when my name was blue.

    4. MrWussy


      But purple suits you better ;) congrats on the promotion mate

  9. Wooohoo i'm a daddy now! Baby gotta stay in IC for a few weeks but doing fine for now!

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    2. AgentN
    3. Alleross


      Congrats! All the best to you and your new family. ^^

    4. AWSOM



  10. Busy week at work again... Hope it'll allow me some game time!

    1. AWSOM
    2. Ekloef


      You better come back broski.

  11. all these Pd apps... few more to go trough!

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    2. PHAL


      I listened to them all at work, colleagues think im a fukin weirdo

    3. MAW3Y


      lol me too, its like a 2nd job so why not get paid for it ;)

    4. Weiz


      Wish my work still allowed me to access the forums at work, this would have been done quickly for me.

  12. Server restarting, lets browse trough some of these pd apps :-)

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    2. MAW3Y


      Average interview 10 mins long, 35 interviews so it does take a while ;) - I only have 1 left tho lol

    3. AWSOM


      I resigned two weeks ago PvtJelo :p

    4. PvtJelo


      fk lol, ,i nee dto play more

  13. Promoted into CommandStaff. Yay, now there is alot to read up on... lol

  14. Weekend has started for me... nice! Too bad i cant play that much this weekend.