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  1. Happy Birthday Veritas!

  2. Finally got my PC completely rebuilt, up and running. Damn was that a headache! Be back online and in service as soon as everything is re-installed!

  3. Happy Birthday Veritas!

  4. "People keep asking if I'm back. Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back!"

    1. MrDodgeballWizard
    2. Jimz
    3. Veritas


      Lol whats up guys. Working on getting a 2nd monitor and Arma 3.

  5. Happy Birthday Veritas!

  6. It's a Goo Goo Dolls type of day.

    1. xXFallenAngelXx
    2. 00cappello


      LMFAO! First time I heard that song Kronos.

    3. Veritas


      LOL! Great song Kronos!

  7. Very excited to start my CLPD Rookie training!

  8. I am now going to be studying the law book and the rest of the Cliki until I hear back about my CLPD application.

  9. Well this has been the most depressing day of my City Life thus far...I payed for a donor car, waited 2 days to get it, and excitedly had it for 2 whole hours. I lagged SUPER bad while driving, apparently hit a rock, and it exploded...Uhg...I loved that car...

  10. Day 3: Spent the whole day driving around doing deliveries in my POS jeep thingy, just so I could get more used to the feel of driving. I think I've got it down pretty good now, so I went ahead and purchased my first donor car. It just so happens to be my dream car IRL, so the decision on which car to buy was quite simple. Nissan GTR! Can't wait to take it for a spin!

  11. Day 2: I hung out with a pretty legit group, and watched them all recieve some pretty legit vehicles. I then, FINALLY, passed my drivers test. I spent the rest of my day driving around, getting used to the feel of a car. Then a group of thugs tried to steal my POS car, and I watched about 6 of the CLPD swarm them. Then there was a bank heist, and I sat hidden, watching all the action. This was a much better day than my first.

    1. Smir


      sounds like you had fun :)

    2. Veritas


      I did, thank you. Lol

  12. Well, my first day was interresting, to say the least. My very first log in, I was immediatly punched in the throat, then I crashed my bike off a skate ramp and had to call for EMTs. They got a hearty laugh out of it. Then I got a ride from a drug dealer, who offered me a job, and I ran like hell, then he tried to take me hostage. Then, I used my last $500 to try and finish my day on a high note. I tried, then failed my drivers test...Well, I guess I'll try again tomorrow...

    1. TheRealRayy


      Could have been worse you could have spent 9 hours in max on your first day ;)

    2. 00cappello


      LMFAO, still cracks me up. Yeah, sounds like a rough start man, that's unfortunate.

  13. Hi Veritas welcome to the forums