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  • Birthday 29/05/96

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  1. Happy Birthday DeadlyKenny!

  2. Happy Birthday DeadlyKenny!

  3. It finally stopped raining yay!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Trevor



    3. python227


      Yay -12 I get to freeze

  4. Merry Christmas People around the world

    1. Dan


      Merry Christmas <3 lol

  5. More Civ Orca's Coming soon :D

  6. Happy Birthday DeadlyKenny!

  7. I hope we get a 24h period notice before the stats are actually reset, if its decided that it should happen

  8. There be many a Deathmatching Ban Request Lately

    1. xXFallenAngelXx


      Filters the bad eggs, whether it be actual DMers being caught out, or false accusations being caught out.

    2. DeadlyKenny


      True, Im just sitting here with popcorn watching them XD

  9. EMT meeting tonight, EMT's make sure you are there!

  10. Sitting here watching Django Unchained resisting the urge to say every 5 seconds

  11. My god i zoomed in on your google maps thing and you live on a roundabout?!!?

    1. Whiskey


      um, maps not that accurate lol, although most of the time I do feel like im going round in circles :p

  12. Happy Birthday DeadlyKenny!

  13. You make EMT yet Kenny?

    1. DeadlyKenny


      Ive been EMT for a long time :p

  14. Kenny I love your profile song +10 :D