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  1. pffffffffffffffffft

  2. Just heard the news.....damn bro this is fucked up man, ive learned alot from you as a person playing this game with you for these couple years and you were a great man....you were one of the best roleplayers on the server and ill miss you so much, we had big plans in cl3 and i got busy irl and havent gotten to talk to you in a while....wish i couldve. Rest In Peace bro

  3. Happy Birthday CheefReef!

  4. i think you will enjoy this one
    1. CheefReef


      defiantly a good ass song,

    2. CheefReef


      defiantly a good ass song,

  5. “There is no greater sorrow Than to recall a happy time When miserable.†― Dante Alighieri

  6. You Ain't Drippin With Me!

  7. I Done Got It Out The Mud

  8. You playing, boy, I'll get you hit (real quick) You better hope the paramedics come (real quick)

  9. People love you when they on your mind A thought is love's currency And I been thinking about her all the time I've never seen somebody put together perfectly What do I have to do to call you mine Someone like you is so hard to find

  10. Dont Eat Dont Sleep I Just Geek Geek Geek $$$

    1. RECHillick


      You think this is a game? lol

    2. CheefReef
    3. Ekloef


      lol hillick xD

  11. If it dont make money then it cant pay rent, if u dont get money then u dont make cents.

  12. valar morghulis

    1. Brizo


      Aww yeah! How far are you into it?

    2. CheefReef


      S3 E2 Right now!