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  1. So when are you coming back to your home? ETU :D

  2. Icon! Come back to!

    1. Icon


      summer vacation mate :D comeing back in 2 weeks.

    2. Roczok


      Aww man, I'm back in pd lol. Can't wait to see you on the server! :D

  3. Where are you zack? I need you, i'm having Zack withdrawal... No homo?

    1. Zackcb


      Ha, I should be able to finally get on as long as ups keeps to the date they gave me. Which is unreliable at best.

    2. Roczok


      So you should be able to get on today?

  4. I love looking at the request archive and seeing the differences in age people put. Like 62 and 19..... really

  5. Finally done with school for the semester. Now I can play some City Life again!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ekloef


      Sup Roczok. Long time no shooting! Putting you on my kidnap list. :)

    3. Roczok


      Haha, Thanks guys! Don't worry Ekloef, the good times shall resume. P.S. I'd like to see you try and kidnap me ;)

    4. Jok3R


      I got your back Roc!

  6. I love how people's strategy to get into PD is to bitch and moan and kill cops. It's like oh yeah, they'll accept you next time for sure, thanks for showing your maturity... Come on people get over it

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Zackcb


      Or when he got his app reviewed again and then threatened to slaughter all the cops if they dared deny him lol

    3. DeadlyKenny


      Scotty was a strange child, he kept offering to be a Hitman for EMT, yeah because EMT's can totally place hits....

    4. MrWussy


      It's stupid, if you got denied just try again next time...

  7. Only 15 days till finals are over and I'm on break for a month!! Gonna play quite a bit of CL!

  8. Lab Reports.... suck!

    1. Clutchie
    2. Roczok


      Chem 150 and an aerospace class

  9. Happy Birthday Man!!!!!!

  10. Just a little scared to get out of my car now

  11. Just moved to college, will hopefully get to play soon!

  12. I'm a brand new Recruit, congrats to all of the other recruits :D

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