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  1. twidling my thumbs on New Years :(

    1. RECHillick


      Same man, just watched a movie haha

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  3. Bless America. Happy Independence!

  4. why do they say drunk as a skunk?

    1. Whiskey


      Because you start to smell when your swimming in your own piss?

    2. ofpMisterguy


      lol..well that didnt happen :)

  5. getting drunk for the 4th! Happy Independence Day!

  6. Remembering a great role player today. PapaSmoke will be missed.

  7. First City Life Newspaper hit the stands June 6, 2013 www.cityliferpg.com/forum/topic/86162-clnewspaper-june-6-2013-v1-e1/

    1. Zackcb


      Can't wait for the next one!