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  1. Been here for 2 years now. How time flys...

  2. Popping back in. How has everyone been doing?

    1. MrWussy


      Chicken flied lice?

    2. Jamie1234


      Great, wussy is still hear he still doesn't know how to drive a bus though. He needs serious help. Welcome back ;)

  3. Well, Goodbye CL3. Being deployed and going away for a couple months to a year. Fun playing with everyone and getting to know them. Glad I finally was able to get into PD (pissed gotta leave it but -shrugs-). Wish yall luck with everyone in PD. Hawkeye Signing off.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lukesinclair12


      see you in a bit mate

    3. daniele01


      Keep Safe Mate, see you soon :)

    4. Click


      Keep safe Hawke and hope to see you soon.

  4. Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to help me troubleshoot that Six Updater incompatible file error a few days ago. I managed to finally get it working after you left. Basically this is what fixed it for me: 1) Check the Beta Option 2) Uncheck the Server Box. 3) Select the Preset - Not Dynamic. 4) If required, change profile from Dynamic to ArmA 2 OA (Forced). Just incase you or anyone else encounters this problem in future, you can refer to these steps. Anyways, hope to see you in game! Cheers.

    1. EchelonHawkeye


      Well most likely not since CL2 is forever gone.

  5. Well, I'll be here for CL3. Ready and pump for it and ready to get to doing a lot of interviews and fixing issues!

  6. Well, left EMT due to been to busy with life atm. Hope to be able to play soon or when CL3 comes out.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RECHillick


      Another great emt gone :(

    3. xXFallenAngelXx


      your fired from civ side, please resume activity as an EMT until further notice. If you disagree with this decision feel free to stick your fingers up your butt and whistle the star spangled banner through your anus. Once complete we shall reconsider the decision to deny you from joining Civ side. Thankyou for your time.

    4. EchelonHawkeye


      Lol... fallen. Im sure once I am able to play again that I'll just end up on EMT side yet again.

  7. Well, applied for PD. Got my interview done and the waiting game starts. Good luck to all that applied for PD as well.

  8. Ugh, me learning with mapping with Arma 3 has come to a halt due to waiting on BI to release the BI Tools for Arma 3... -sigh- Just when I was starting to enjoy myself.

  9. what happened? why you not EMT anymore? o.O

    1. EchelonHawkeye


      Got kick out for apperently taking cops to a warzone. I landed them pretty far away from the warzone.

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