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    Computers games all the way, voluntary military stuff (everything related to it!)

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  1. Happy Birthday Maditus!

  2. First chance I had to get to a computer: was promoted on the 6th to lieutenant (navy, reserves naturally). Now doing extra time in the army. Fun fun fun!

    1. TheSalader


      are you a Lt. in the navy? :)

  3. It's been a while + I normally handle the situations without shooting anybody but... I shot two suspects, woohoo! ;-)

    1. Jimz


      every one has to shoot down some scum bags

      in there time ;)

  4. Passed my reserve Lt (navy) exams over here, getting promotion to Lt on this or 2015s December!

  5. Happy Birthday Maditus!

  6. Hi Maditus welcome to the forums

  7. Hi Maditus welcome to the forums