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  1. Still miss you, PapaSmoke. Always in my thoughts, brother.

  2. Ayy 2 years of CL! Thanks all!

  3. I disabled my adblock for this site. love u guys

  4. Yes I finally reach the big one-nine! Woo! it's like my birthday happens once every two years...

    1. zachery


      Its sad to know that america's Drinking age is 21 :(

  5. Hey! Sorry I missed your birthday man. Been paying attention to IRL things. Hope all is well and happy belated birthday!

    1. DblAAssassin


      Thanks! It was Awesome!

  6. Ah, been a very long time since I've been on here; the 31st of May 2014 is quite the time for CL3... Quite the time... I miss all of you - 'specially my buddies; you know I love all of you.

    1. Sjonkovic


      Erm, your mistaken. 31st is end of Cl2.

      So hello Cl3. :)

  7. your responses to the interview requests are hilarious haha you made my day seeing them. cheers mate

  8. Hey, welcome to the forums! Good to see a fellow aviator around here! I have my Private Pilot's Licence in real life and I'm an experienced ArmA pilot. We should go flying sometime in-game, aye?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MishaMilanich


      Yes, the Terms of Service.

    3. slayer543


      Hey, I passed my interview. What times are you on ts? I wanna know how to become on pilot on this server.

    4. MishaMilanich


      Now that you've (thankfully) passed your interview, (good job btw) you should browse the CLiki. But before that, you need to watch Tuxor's orientation video. It touches upon EXTREMELY important and helpful information ALL newbies should know before they get on. I'm on during the weekends at around 10:00-19:00 (Saturday and Sunday; Timezone GMT-5 which is United States EST). The CLiki is the CL User's Manual. I highly recommend watching the orientation video and then check out the CLiki. To become a pilot, you need $25000 and you need to take the pilot's test in the Glider. It's better if you seek a Flight Instructor if one is online. They can charge you less than $25000 (how it works, is you need 25k in the bank and you get in an air vehicle with the instructor. The instructor will offer you the licence and you have to accept the licence and the 25k transaction. Depending on the price the instructor has set, they'll pay you the difference. For example, my instructor's price was 10k so he paid me 15k and 25k was subtracted out of my bank account in-game. In all, I only lost 10k for the pilot's licence - and that's extremely appropriate for how easy the actual test is).

  9. Finally Passed the Pistol test and passed the Rifle test on my first try! SO HAPPY!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MishaMilanich


      Yay! I still gotta give you 10.5k, but I only have ~18k right now because I bought that camaro. Good days, Assassin, good days.

    3. DblAAssassin


      It's cool, man I owe you 20k, so I'll just give you 10 and we'll be even!

    4. MishaMilanich


      Oh, yeah! Thanks man. xoxo

  10. So are you still an EMT or what?

    1. Java



      My forum group was changed because I'm a helper now :)

    2. MishaMilanich


      Congratulations! Helpers are good, m'kay?

    3. Java
  11. Welcome to the forums! Do try to enjoy your stay here.

  12. Need to be more cops in Cherno near the bank and Market areas. people just waiting to ambush workers trying to make a few bucks. It's honestly pretty ridiculous. since i get ambushed EVERY SINGLE TIME i go to the market.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Brizo


      If you have any suspicions of being followed and such, simply send out a 911 call if you wan't record. I'm sure an officer will setup somewhere to help you.

    3. MishaMilanich


      Thank you for offers, but I want to make money the legit way. I don't know how I can hire some protection, seeing as I might have to pay money I don't have. On the other hand, going for a pistol licence and taking defence into my own hands is a 3-sided coin. If I lose my gun, I'm going to have to pay loads for another. If I get arrested, I have even more problems. And the robbers could even engage me in a firefight because I would be outnumbered and possibly outgunned! I'll stick to recording, but Overwolf doesn't record TS voice along with in-game sounds. So if I'm talking to my robbers, you might not be able to hear my voice and since it's a very tense situation, I wouldn't be able to recall what I had said to the robbers. I'll think of a system where I'll hire a guy to ride along with me for a fixed rate and protect me when the need arises. Thank you, PD, for your assistance. It REALLY means a lot to me. :)

    4. MishaMilanich


      Thank you so much, Stinger. I'll definitely consider it.

  13. You're basically the best playing partner with the worst luck. I hope you win the lottery.

    1. joshua9694


      Didn't stay on long enough to find out. Hope you pass the truck test.

  14. Getting mugged, kidnapped, and killed all at gunpoint isn't my idea of "fun". Where is the line drawn between random deathmatch and roleplay?

    1. Jayke


      when you shoot the fuckers back.

    2. MishaMilanich


      I was lucky to only have $9 when I was mugged. Got $3,000 in the bank thanks to the deliveries the post office can give you. It's good money for hard honest work.

    3. Brizo


      Depends on your gathering really Crimson. I'd recommend doing Petroleum if the nearby stations have under 2,000 Fuel. I got 60-70k for a Mac R worth with like 20mins of work.

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