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  1. Happy Birthday Casey!

  2. Can someone teach me how to cl3?

    1. prezantz


      i can teach you how toe dougie

    2. EchelonHawkeye


      Yeah, if I see ya on I can catch you up.

  3. need some encouragement to start playing city life again. <<< drunk as titties

  4. Happy Birthday Casey!

  5. I just got the job to design and draw a kids skin care product line for a major company!!! I haven't even been in college yet!!! holy. shit.

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    2. Casey


      i am really busy but i dont run on much sleep. maybe like 4 hours every night i find sleep a waste of life and time. i got 3 jobs now one making sandwiches one baby sitting and one making logos now for companies. not only that but im also in college but i manage to still have time for my life. part of the reason i havent been on haha but im making bank now so i dont really mindXD

    3. Casey


      what were you too busy doing to turn down a president of Togo job?

    4. Sjonkovic



      Hope it works out well and perhaps more jobs like it will follow.

  6. happy late birthday evo.

  7. anyone remember me? lol

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    2. CheefReef
    3. Deadeye


      we've missed you

    4. Casey


      lol thanks fallen... haha i might not be back on citylife till summer. might be buying LFC's computer setup or building my own :D but its gonna take a while. determined for a 6 monitor setup!!!

  8. How much kief could a chief kief chief, if a chief kief could chief kief?

  9. add me on snapchat i have 6 hours of alternative school for the next week! caseycakes13131

  10. im gonna be a professional hackysacker when i grow up

  11. hahha my profile song is dedicated to evo. ive never heard such a more accurate song for you

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    2. Josiah916


      I hate that song so much.

    3. Casey


      i do too its over played kinda like evo lol

    4. Josiah916


      lol, I used to work at a bowling ally in my town it is full of rednecks I would hear that song at least 50 to 100 times a night.

  12. who am i dedicating my next profile song to?

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    2. lordofchaos2012
    3. Casey


      lol evo i dont even have a cat. never have. hahah and crimson commented first hahaha ill find som3thing good.

    4. AWSOM
  13. next big thing is jobing guys. gawd get with the times

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    2. AWSOM
    3. xXFallenAngelXx


      sorry to disappoint you but Jobing is so yesterday.

    4. Casey


      yea i know! schooling is the new in XD