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  1. Hey brother, I hope you’re doing well.

    1. DeathWatchPaul


      Hi dude am doing alright, 


      Still missing CL and the gang like crazy ? 

    2. AceWhittles


      ISMC loves you, brother. I miss you too. I hope you see you back some time soon. Major love and respect.


  2. Forum link any help with this will be much appreciated.

  3. Added: The full Bank robbery system. Added: Tool-tip window for cars that are out on the map when viewing car storage. Changed: Small Shops and Money Deposites now go directly into the owners bank account. Changed: Optimized the spawnning of the bank safety deposit boxes. Changed: Model for bank safety deposit boxes for improved FPS. Fixed: Gear bags stored in PD lockers would stay after the player switched roles. Fixed: Cop count limit once bank robbery has started. Fixed: VTOL`S where unable to be Repo'ed for scrap. Fixed: Missing Geometry in the Mall. Fixed: Bank Hatch roadway.
  4. Bello!!!

    1. BIGGn


      yo sup my dude, downloading now but you know how it can take ages



    2. DeathWatchPaul


      Nice good to see you back dude, will have catch up tomorrow dude if your about.

    3. BIGGn
  5. Added New [WIP] City Life Bank. Added: some lobby clutter Added: some teller clutter Added: View GEO lod Added: Roadway to roof hatches Added: Que tape Added: Seats and terminals to teller booth Added: Actions to open vault Added: Actions to power box Fixed: Vault door was out of place and the sections where incorrectly defined Fixed: Shadow lod has textures defined Fixed: Roadway on tunnel Fixed: Lip on roof so you do not clip Fixed: missing GEO on main vault and in-vault doors Changed: Aligned backwall over end grate as there was a gap Changed: Blue line under teller window where it was merged with the object behind Changed: Removed ramp on back and replaced with a ladder
  6. update: 0.1.39 changes Fixed - Script error when trying to plant banana seeds. Fixed - The aircraft anti C.T.D system where if an aircraft was left out on top of a building and the owner logged of this could cause the aircraft to be destroyed. Fixed - Deployed fire hose nozzle not being removed if the fire truck it was attached is destroyed. Fixed - PD reception room hatches only being able to be opened from the lobby side. Fixed - Being able to use a lock-pick on a player even if they where not cuffed. Fixed - Issue with the force feed system. Added - Notification to the lottery system that lets players know when the next drew will take place when buying a ticket Added - IF you move an item into the create menu to make a gear bag you will be set as the bag owner so you can now retrieve it by using the shift + 1 scan function.
  7. Added/Fixed in last update Fixed: issue with font and text color not saving with the chat system. Fixed: issue when using the chat system on the underground. Fixed: when buying shops it was not taking the cash correctly. Fixed: issue with the AI missions not doing the correct damage to players. Fixed: missing map icon for AI taxis. Fixed: issue with CCTV camera 3 & 6 facing the same way. Fixed: font issue with the visual setting and dynamic menu. Added: distance check for putting cuffed/cable cuffed people in vehicles. Added: A new player damage system, so players will now receive damage in a much more realistic way.
  8. it`s been awhile but back on cop side, :P

    whop whop it's the sound of the police!!

  9. http://community.cityliferpg....159677-fuel-crisis-in-tanoa/ civilian jobs available for any new or old members, looking for some honest work.

  10. There is a bug with the jobcentre system so please do not use it, this issue should be fixed tomorrow, but a Admin will reply on this thread when it's save to use again. regards The Dev Team.
  11. so hows life in the UK? :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AdmiralSean


      Huntingdon, it's a nice town!

    3. DeathWatchPaul


      yeah its not to far from cambridge so am guessing its a nice area.

    4. DeathWatchPaul


      anyway am off to bed but you should jump on TS sometime to catch up mate.

  12. Hello dude hows things?

    its been a while.

    1. Icon


      hey man :D things are going really good lately, four more exams and I’m finished with university?

      how are you doing, mate?

    2. DeathWatchPaul


      am good mate same old same old,

      hope to see you on CL mate when you get some free time ;)

  13. long time no see what you up to man?

    1. Cl4ssicK


      Hey Bro, doing good man how have you been. How is city life holding up, had some amazing times in this game!

    2. DeathWatchPaul


      am good dude, you should come check out CL3 so much as been added since you played i wouldn't know where to begin listing it all :)

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