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  1. Forum link any help with this will be much appreciated.

  2. Added: The full Bank robbery system. Added: Tool-tip window for cars that are out on the map when viewing car storage. Changed: Small Shops and Money Deposites now go directly into the owners bank account. Changed: Optimized the spawnning of the bank safety deposit boxes. Changed: Model for bank safety deposit boxes for improved FPS. Fixed: Gear bags stored in PD lockers would stay after the player switched roles. Fixed: Cop count limit once bank robbery has started. Fixed: VTOL`S where unable to be Repo'ed for scrap. Fixed: Missing Geometry in the Mall. Fixed: Bank Hatch roadway.
  3. Bello!!!

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  4. Added New [WIP] City Life Bank. Added: some lobby clutter Added: some teller clutter Added: View GEO lod Added: Roadway to roof hatches Added: Que tape Added: Seats and terminals to teller booth Added: Actions to open vault Added: Actions to power box Fixed: Vault door was out of place and the sections where incorrectly defined Fixed: Shadow lod has textures defined Fixed: Roadway on tunnel Fixed: Lip on roof so you do not clip Fixed: missing GEO on main vault and in-vault doors Changed: Aligned backwall over end grate as there was a gap Changed: Blue line under teller window where it was merged with the object behind Changed: Removed ramp on back and replaced with a ladder
  5. update: 0.1.39 changes Fixed - Script error when trying to plant banana seeds. Fixed - The aircraft anti C.T.D system where if an aircraft was left out on top of a building and the owner logged of this could cause the aircraft to be destroyed. Fixed - Deployed fire hose nozzle not being removed if the fire truck it was attached is destroyed. Fixed - PD reception room hatches only being able to be opened from the lobby side. Fixed - Being able to use a lock-pick on a player even if they where not cuffed. Fixed - Issue with the force feed system. Added - Notification to the lottery system that lets players know when the next drew will take place when buying a ticket Added - IF you move an item into the create menu to make a gear bag you will be set as the bag owner so you can now retrieve it by using the shift + 1 scan function.
  6. Added/Fixed in last update Fixed: issue with font and text color not saving with the chat system. Fixed: issue when using the chat system on the underground. Fixed: when buying shops it was not taking the cash correctly. Fixed: issue with the AI missions not doing the correct damage to players. Fixed: missing map icon for AI taxis. Fixed: issue with CCTV camera 3 & 6 facing the same way. Fixed: font issue with the visual setting and dynamic menu. Added: distance check for putting cuffed/cable cuffed people in vehicles. Added: A new player damage system, so players will now receive damage in a much more realistic way.
  7. it`s been awhile but back on cop side, :P

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      You made it? Of all the guys who I thought were gonna make it, Hightower was the one. I mean, if all the cops looked like him there'd be no crime at all.

  8. Added - tool tip window to shops and trunk menus. Added - a production multiplier to factory. Added - 26 new items that can be made at factory. Added - New WIP chat system. Fixed - AI mission system. Fixed - vehicle xfer system. Fixed - gear being deleted when using the crate option. Fixed - RP names not showing on some systems. Fixed - error with AI air taxi. changed - fixed wing aircraft trunk sizes.
  9. http://community.cityliferpg....159677-fuel-crisis-in-tanoa/ civilian jobs available for any new or old members, looking for some honest work.

  10. There is a bug with the jobcentre system so please do not use it, this issue should be fixed tomorrow, but a Admin will reply on this thread when it's save to use again. regards The Dev Team.
  11. so hows life in the UK? :)

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  12. The Out with the old in with the new - V.11 City Life RPG Development Update Main Changes This is the first big update since the release of the Apex DLC, And we are well on are way to building a bigger and better City Life RPG. The development team would also like to take this opportunity to mention the members and staff who have stuck by us since some of the staff changes. and thank them for their continued support, it's that community spirit that makes it all worthwhile. Underground travel system: We added in a fast transport system so you can get around the map on foot fast and efficiently at the moment there are only 9 stops but there will be more. Base jumping: For all them adrenaline junkies out there we added base jumping from any high point on the map, Just make sure to bring a parachute with you if you don't want to become a horrible stain on the pavement. building elevators: We added a feature to building that would usually be inaccessible from the ground that always people to ride an elevator up to the roof of buildings. Shop preview: Added a way to preview shop items so you can view before you buy. Mirror's: A lot of people have asked since the removal of on foot 3rd person view “How can i view what i buy before i buy it” well the answer is the mirror and inshop preview options. Jail times: Jail times for nonviolent crimes such as growing drugs and possession of illegal items have been permanently been reduced by 50% this it to allow people to still do crime and have fun without facing a hefty jail times. But jail times for violent crimes such as murder and attempted murder have been doubled this was done to discourage from the shoot first ask questions later style of roleplay. Killing or attempting to kill someone should be done with roleplay caution, and when possible pre planning. Tune ups fixed on boats: Tune ups on all water based vehicles have been fixed, this now allows long distance water travel to be a lot more feasible. Plantations move every 3 hours: To mix things up a bit not only are plantations set to random location after each server restart, they now also move location every 3 hours. Fishing zone timers: Since the fishing zones move every 3 hours to a new area we have now added a timer showing you how long they have left at their current locations so players can plan their fishing expedition better. Vehicle naming: The way we designed our key system ended in a long hard to remember key name so now you can set your vehicle's name so when you are in the car storage menu you can hover your key name and display info and a custom set value to help you identify your vehicle. Suicide vest: This was added for RP so if you wish to be a martyr or just don’t like life you can now either trap a victim or kill yourself but remember they are not cheap. Segway: An alternative transport system we have had for a while but just never added into game fully Defibrillator: When this is used it will increase the time the victim has left of his/her revive time. Factory production: we added a lot of vehicles to the factory product list and also added specialist tools at the [U-build it] store they are needed in the building process of vehicles and electronics, this is to expand on the items and vehicles that were already in there. It is also now possible to produce vodka and beer at the factory and sell it at the [liquor store] New save point and car storage models: Due to moving to a new map we decided to revamp the storage pole and save point models to make them more attractive. Auto EMT: Detection and execution of the Auto EMT has been improved on Tanoa due to it being all messed up so we have recorded it so it's a lot more fail safe now. Outdoor concert venue: For those long raves into the night we have added an outdoor stage area. Shark loot drops: Sharks now have a random chance of dropping loot when they are followed. Darth Mall Update: we updated the mall building and textures to give it a more modern look and feel. Stock reduction system: With the island becoming more dynamic, we have added a system that over time will degenerate the stock in shops if they are not used this will allow other systems to still have a use even if they have all been fully stocked. EMT uniform updated: Your friendly neighbourhood Paramedics Biker Paramedics Paramedic Pilots Fire fighters always ready Hazardous Material Specialist (if you see this guy you may experience trouble breathing) Fire Pilots (With access to the heavy lifting Taru helicopter they may be able to rescue your vehicle too.) Search and Rescue Specialist (The best of the best within the EMT service with advanced training in water and mountain rescues) Search and Rescue Pilots (Elite EMT Pilots with access to specialist aircraft and equipment) Search and Rescue divers (Specially trained to find casualties, Equipment and personal wealth in deep water and reunite all of the above) We even made a special vest and cap for anyone wishing to do a ridealong with us Food Nutrition: Food that takes effort to make or acquire now reduces hunger by larger amounts, so for example food purchased from a gas station will not reduce hunger by as much as the food you have to make. so it now benefits the player not just financially but it also can benefit them health wise to do more things such as hunting, fishing, and also making food at Mc Winters and the burger van. Small market shops: After you have purchased a small shop from the [U-built-it] it can be placed anywhere on the map and it will not despawn after a server restart, so it will remain permanently in place with all the items still inside it at the price the owner has set for them, until he/she decides to remove it. Switched to Tanoa: Since the Apex update came out we have been working hard to integrate our style of gameplay and content to this beautiful map. 3rd person camera while on foot removed: After much consideration and a community vote, the decision was made to disable the 3rd person view while on foot. It was felt by a majority of the community that having the 3rd person view gave an unfair advantage when hiding behind walls during a firefight because it gave players the ability to see around corners without poking their heads out and thus eliminating any threat to them. Vehicle fixes: There are too many to list individually, but we have spent a great deal of time optimizing and fixing issues with vehicles, such as sounds, handling, texture issues, and also polly reduction and LOD errors. Automated taxis: To add a bit more variety we have added a honda civic and BMW M5, versions to the automated taxi service. Apex Vehicles And Clothing: Not only did the Apex DLC add the fantastic new Tanoa map, it also added a number of clothing items and vehicles such as. VTOL`s, stunt and racing planes, helicopters, offroad jeeps, boats, and jet skies, all of which we added in game. New website: As work continues on building a better website we are focusing on usability and ease of access this all takes time and glitches do happen so please bear with us as we iron out the kinks and sow on the battle badges. Updated feedback tracker: As mantis updates so do we with all the lovely issues and warts and all. The reason we do this is for security and functionally. City Life Social Media Steam Group Arma3 CL unit Twitter Moddb Facebook YouTube Discord CL Cliki Changelog City Life 3 BUGS - Change Log City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.677 0006485: [Scripts -> Items] existing vest deleted by suicide vest (ArMaTeC) 0005888: [Scripts -> Misc] error in my RPT file (ArMaTeC) 0005943: [Addon -> Vehicles] Raptor high reviving(ArMaTeC) 0005088: [Addon -> Vehicles] Tune Ups and Turbo Not Working on Boats (ArMaTeC) 0005682: [Addon -> Buildings] Mc Winters unfinished textures (ArMaTeC) 0005849: [Scripts -> Trunk storage] Extended transfer time from trunks to gear (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.676 0006490: [Scripts -> Items] Donut error (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.675 0006462: [Scripts -> Items] Face lift kit constant nightvision even without NVGs equipped, unable to close NVG. (ArMaTeC) 0006458: [Addon -> Buildings] club7 stairs (ArMaTeC) 0006467: [Addon -> Buildings] Main Airport Ferris Wheel is Floating (ArMaTeC) 0006248: [Addon -> Vehicles] Van Transport Red texture issues on the inside. (ArMaTeC) 0006448: [Scripts -> Items] Suicide Vest bugged... (ArMaTeC) 0006480: [Scripts -> Items] Crunchin Crisp error when eating (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.674 0006401: [Addon -> Buildings] mall minor placement issue (ArMaTeC) 0006478: [Scripts -> Misc] Treasure Location in uncharted territory (ArMaTeC) 0006471: [Scripts -> Misc] Rogue SAS Mission Text (ArMaTeC) 0006452: [Addon -> Vehicles] Black Unmarked Charger has a Blue line in it (ArMaTeC) 0006474: [Addon -> Items] error when taking cowboy hat from trunk (ArMaTeC) 0005866: [Addon -> Vehicles] Purge car tire shadow (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.672 0006461: [Scripts -> Misc] script error while ordering AI to rappel (ArMaTeC) 0006460: [Scripts -> Misc] Rappel mod strange bug, error when I used it. (ArMaTeC) 0006219: [Scripts -> Items] When eating/drinking in a vehicle your camera in 1st person is not as it should be, in 3rd person you're leaning down towards knee (ArMaTeC) 0005933: [Addon -> Vehicles] Aston Martin DBS Volante floats (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.671 0005275: [Scripts -> Animations] Able to drive vehicles while cuffed (ArMaTeC) 0006459: [Scripts -> Misc] missing markers in map (ArMaTeC) 0006454: [Scripts -> HUD] a small error in text (ArMaTeC) 0006358: [Addon -> Vehicles] Dodge challenger 2009 rear passengers sitting on trunk of car (ArMaTeC) 0006133: [Addon -> Vehicles] Skateboard is still accessible when being carried (ArMaTeC) 0006425: [Addon -> Vehicles] CLPD Subaru impreza texture glitch (ArMaTeC) 0005156: [Addon -> Vehicles] Lamborghini Reventon brakes (ArMaTeC) 0006205: [Addon -> Vehicles] Escalade mirrors not working (ArMaTeC) 0001958: [Addon -> Vehicles] Gears struggle to change down (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.669 0004503: [Addon -> Vehicles] Bug with animation on new charger (ArMaTeC) 0004159: [Addon -> Vehicles] Seating in Dodge Challenger 2009 (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.668 0006447: [Scripts -> Misc] club7 script error when logging into the altis server (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.666 0006440: [Addon -> Buildings] dj decks no action menu (ArMaTeC) 0006442: [Scripts -> Shops] Paramedic Pilot Uniform needs renaming in shop (ArMaTeC) 0006397: [Addon -> Buildings] mall glass shop fronts have no geo (PeterBush1997) 0006398: [Addon -> Buildings] mall ceiling texture (PeterBush1997) 0006432: [Scripts -> Items] Floating Head Bags (ArMaTeC) 0006429: [Scripts -> Items] banana plant physics (ArMaTeC) 0006437: [Addon -> Buildings] repo lot wall is broken (ArMaTeC) 0006439: [Addon -> Buildings] outdoor stage geo issue (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.665 0006431:Need in game CL3 password reset (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.664 0006428: [Scripts -> Misc] subway system, script error when logging in to the altis server (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.663 0006430: [Launcher -> GUI] donation store link on the launcher is not working (ArMaTeC) 0006424: [Scripts -> HUD] CLPD Radar - license plate broken (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.662 0006324: [General] Server Lost Connection and Crashed For Everyone On-Server (ArMaTeC) 0006412: [Scripts -> Items] Silicon not stacking at Silicon mine on tanoa. (ArMaTeC) 0006423: [Addon -> Buildings] La Rochelle DMV (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.661 0006388: [Scripts -> Misc] sharks spawning at the mall/club7 (ArMaTeC) 0005729: [Addon -> Vehicles] Ferris Wheel can be pushed with a pushbike/motorcycle (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.659 View Issues0.0.659City Life 3 BUGS 0006411: [Launcher -> GUI] Arma 3 City life not loading up properly (roaddogg) 0006407: [Addon -> Items] Cocaine weight (DeathWatchPaul) 0005629: [Addon -> Buildings] Placement issue with new mall (IslandMan) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.658 0006392: [Scripts -> Shops] Cl3/CL2 jetpack don't show up on preview in fly high. (ArMaTeC) 0006391: [Scripts -> Misc] auto emt's are not always detecting dead players (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.657 0005963: [Scripts -> Shops] small shops are not deleted after switching sides (ArMaTeC) 0006365: [Scripts -> Misc] Taxi's at main Airport. (ArMaTeC) 0006252: [Addon -> Buildings] GDT Tower legion base, not getting the option to climb (ArMaTeC) 0006402: [Scripts -> Items] Paper bags (Happy and sad) getting deleted upon taking from vehicle inventory (ArMaTeC) 0006382: [Addon -> Items] Incorrect custom vest (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.656 View Issues0.0.656City Life 3 BUGS 0005924: [Addon -> Buildings] mall texture issue (PeterBush1997) 0006393: [Addon -> Vehicles] Cessna 185 Skywagon 1 till 6 all have the same rusted texture (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.654 0006215: [Scripts -> Misc] Auto EMT's won't show up on the Mission Island. (ArMaTeC) 0006364: [Addon -> Buildings] Hiring Workers. (ArMaTeC) 0006387: [Scripts -> Items] script error when when selecting remove evidence option. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.653 0006322: [Scripts -> Misc] Sharks glitch out at oil rig and kill you while you are on it (ArMaTeC) 0006340: [Scripts -> Items] Server not stacking gathered and dropped items (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.652 0006332: [Scripts -> Items] Stock Loading (ArMaTeC) 0006367: [Addon -> Vehicles] dodge challenger 2009 turns invisible at distance [lod issue] (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.650 0006344: [Launcher -> Updater] keep getting error when trying to log into the launcher (ArMaTeC) 0006352: [Scripts -> Misc] Mirrors trigger NV too early in the day and can't see anything (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.649 0006257: [Scripts -> HUD] TFAR Hide Button Not Hiding Short Range Main (ArMaTeC) 0006351: [Launcher -> GUI] Wrong error message in launcher when password is wrong (ArMaTeC) 0006345: [General] Clpd Police computer is Not working at the moment (ArMaTeC) 0006342: [Addon -> Buildings] No access to house menu, even though I own it (ArMaTeC) 0006318: [Addon -> Vehicles] Sikorsky S-38 not spawning (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.648 0006319: [Scripts -> Shops] Car in Preview is Solid (ArMaTeC) 0006316: [Addon -> Buildings] gas stations (ArMaTeC) 0006311: [Scripts -> Shops] Glasses shop Preview not working (ArMaTeC) 0006307: [Addon -> Vehicles] Prowler apex vehicles have visible mounted gun on it when they shouldn't (ArMaTeC) 0006312: [Addon -> Vehicles] viper vehicle has no repair menu (ArMaTeC) 0006310: [General] Switching Servers in Jail (DeathWatchPaul) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.645 0006309: [Scripts -> Vehicle storage] Blackfish having problems being placed on map from Main Airport. (ArMaTeC) 0006278: [Addon -> Items] I used jaws at life at the fire department and the PD detected it as a gunshot (ArMaTeC) 0006281: [Addon -> Vehicles] viper apex vehicle has visible mounted gun on it when it shouldn't (ArMaTeC) 0006306: [Scripts -> Shops] script error when previewing headgear in the hat shop (ArMaTeC) 0006304: [Addon -> Buildings] Floating lights at new oil rig (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.644 0006282: [Addon -> Items] Leg shop clothing items (ArMaTeC) 0006261: [Scripts -> Shops] Shops when we pick them up to move the you can't drop them (ArMaTeC) 0006303: [Addon -> Buildings] Fort Katkouta heavily defended. (ArMaTeC) 0006275: [Addon -> Vehicles] apex vehicles missing action menus (ArMaTeC) 0006299: [Addon -> Vehicles] Cars and Planes are on Fire during the spawn in screen / blow up when put out. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.643 0006196: [Scripts -> Misc] delivery mission issues on new island? (ArMaTeC) 0006255: [Scripts -> Misc] Fishing Locations (Sharks, Turtles, Fresh Fish) can spawn in each other (ArMaTeC) 0006251: [General] spawn in at WP (DeathWatchPaul) 0006290: [Addon -> Buildings] Ladders at Oil rig causing you to die. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.640 0006298: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error when logging in (ArMaTeC) 0006296: [Scripts -> Misc] Exploding taxis (ArMaTeC) 0006287: [Scripts -> Misc] Unable to see plantations as a civilian. (ArMaTeC) 0006250: [Scripts -> Shops] Gas station menu showing up for the ATM at main airport. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.637 0006267: [Addon -> Vehicles] M-900 Helicopter doesn't get vehicle related menus (ArMaTeC) 0006269: [Addon -> Vehicles] Water Scooter got no vehicle menu (ArMaTeC) 0006266: [Scripts -> Misc] Speedcam 4 is not setup correctly (ArMaTeC) 0006272: [Scripts -> Animations] Difficult to Access Hack Server Option In Jail (ArMaTeC) 0006233: [General] The Taxi in Georgetown spawns in the grass and gets stuck (ArMaTeC) 0006240: [General] New Spawn when coming back to the server (DeathWatchPaul) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.636 0006224: [Addon -> Buildings] random airport towers (IslandMan) 0006247: [Addon -> Items] M50 Gas Mask -Dark Lens doesn't appear on your face. (ArMaTeC) 0006230: [Scripts -> Misc] I saved at my house near the Main Airport, when i log in keeps pushing me to default spawn point in Georgetown. (ArMaTeC) 0006253: [Scripts -> Misc] stock reduction system (ArMaTeC) 0006265: [Scripts -> Shops] Donation Cars aren't showing up in the Donation Shop. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.633 0001838: [Addon -> Vehicles] Magnum Submarine Broken Headlight (BISBot) 0006241: [Addon -> Vehicles] Apex Plane error message. (ArMaTeC) 0006244: [Launcher -> GUI] Cant load on server (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.630 0006225: [Addon -> Vehicles] p3d error message (ArMaTeC) 0006209: [Addon -> Buildings] Visual Glitch on Mountain Rescue Building (ArMaTeC) 0006218: [Scripts -> Misc] Script Error when logging in (ArMaTeC) 0006208: [Scripts -> Vehicle storage] When transferring vehicles the US server is the EU server and the EU server is the US server. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.629 0006220: [Scripts -> Misc] Saving at the Mall seen as "in water", teleports to default Save Point (ArMaTeC) 0006223: [Lost due to Server issues] I sold a bugatti at torque, and then my game crashed and i lost the 633k i got from selling it. (DeathWatchPaul) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.628 0006204: [Scripts -> Misc] Drinking sound effect really buggy (ArMaTeC) 0006202: [Scripts -> Misc] Script Error when Trying to remove tow ropes (ArMaTeC) 0006191: [Scripts -> Items] Unable to pick up suicide vest at loot spawn. (ArMaTeC) 0006198: [Scripts -> Shops] Gas station 27 is a pharmacy and not an actual gas station. (tanoa) (ArMaTeC) 0006189: [Addon -> Buildings] iron ore sign says Kavala creek on it (ArMaTeC) 0006200: [Addon -> Buildings] taxi rank placement (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.627 0006184: [Scripts -> Misc] Login failed, locked, login attempts left: 0 even though im IG moving around (ArMaTeC) 0006171: [Addon -> Vehicles] Dodge challenger rvmat removed, strange texture bug. (ArMaTeC) 0006188: [Scripts -> Misc] Gathering skill is 11 on tanoa, but when I went on altis it's 8 (ArMaTeC) 0006187: [Addon -> Buildings] Tanoa silicon pole floating off ground (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.625 0006185: [Scripts -> Misc] Iron Ore Spot isn't allowing me to gather it. (DeathWatchPaul) 0006177: [General] Repo Paycheck. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.624 View Issues0.0.624City Life 3 BUGS 0006181: [Addon -> Buildings] wind turbine alpha layer issue (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.621 0006157: [Addon -> Buildings] Gas Station at the Roadhouse isnt working. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.620 0006178: [Scripts -> Misc] My driving skill is 21 on us, but when im on EU its at 6... (ArMaTeC) 0006014: [General] When me and other officers try running not for a long time our stamina gets lowered really fast. (ArMaTeC) 0006167: [Scripts -> HUD] Max Fatigue after looking in map (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.618 0006172: [Scripts -> Misc] Bug with taxis in Tanoa (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.617 0006154: [Scripts -> Misc] Cant reset Bank ATM after it has been robbed (ArMaTeC) 0006155: [Addon -> Vehicles] Donor Littlebird Bug (Blythy) 0003154: [Addon -> Buildings] Worksman shop floor breach (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.615 0006143: [Scripts -> Vehicle storage] Lost Car when Transferred to US Server (ArMaTeC) 0006141: [Scripts -> Misc] AI missions spawning too many UAV`s and moabs (DeathWatchPaul) 0002302: [Addon -> Vehicles] Lamborghini Aventador (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.614 0006126: [Scripts -> Shops] Donation Shop - Script Error... (ArMaTeC) 0006137: [Scripts -> Items] CL Flares lighting issue (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.613 0006132: [Scripts -> Items] Spelling error when you install a permanent car repair kit. (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.612 0006059: [Scripts -> Vehicle storage] Can't get An-22 out of Storage (ArMaTeC) 0006067: [Addon -> Buildings] House Lights Don't Work (ArMaTeC) 0006116: [Scripts -> Misc] Can not set jail time of suspects in main pd cells (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.611 0006120: [Scripts -> Animations] Pushing boat fails to work (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.610 0002431: [Addon -> Buildings] Main jail cell glitch (DeathWatchPaul) 0001855: [Addon -> Buildings] Can glitch through pd substation jail cells (DeathWatchPaul) 0006115: [Launcher -> Updater] US repo and EU repo (ArMaTeC) 0006121: [Scripts -> Misc] Missions are unreachable by a ground vehicle (Tanoa) (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.609 0006070: [Launcher -> GUI] Unable to Login (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.607 0002754: [Addon -> Buildings] Maxpen wall-glitching (DeathWatchPaul) 0006093: [Addon -> Vehicles] donor car will not show repairs (ArMaTeC) 0006103: [Addon -> Buildings] can`t enter side rooms in the biker bar (ArMaTeC) 0006104: [Addon -> Buildings] workmans shop object alpha layer issue (ArMaTeC) 0005965: [Addon -> Items] Possible character bugged (ArMaTeC) 0005954: [Addon -> Vehicles] Exploit : Possible to get through the gates of CLPD by using a vehicle. (BigP) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.606 0005265: [Addon -> Buildings] ATM @ Kavala Bank in the Wall (DeathWatchPaul) 0005292: [Addon -> Buildings] Biker Bar In ground (DeathWatchPaul) 0003007: [Addon -> Buildings] Jail fixes (DeathWatchPaul) 0006071: [Scripts -> Misc] Mission AI identifying Flashlight as a weapon (ArMaTeC) 0006092: [Scripts -> Misc] Server login issues (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.605 0002144: [Addon -> Buildings] Building Glitch? (DeathWatchPaul) 0003689: [Addon -> Vehicles] New part to car config (DeathWatchPaul) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.604 0006050: [Scripts -> Misc] Force work while having jail time (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.603 0004047: [Addon -> Vehicles] GPS Mack R Delivery is Missing the back container (DeathWatchPaul) 0006044: [Addon -> Vehicles] Alpha issue on bounder (ArMaTeC) 0006043: [Addon -> Vehicles] cl3 bounder licence plate (ArMaTeC) City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.602 0000020: [Addon -> Buildings] Save point is not being affected by shadows it's always bright as in direct sunlight. 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  13. Hello dude hows things?

    its been a while.

    1. Icon


      hey man :D things are going really good lately, four more exams and I’m finished with university?

      how are you doing, mate?

    2. DeathWatchPaul


      am good mate same old same old,

      hope to see you on CL mate when you get some free time ;)


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