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  1. Shit Happen's Simple As

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SMVH


      If anyone else would of asked that i would have said yes but you m8y NO :)

    3. DeadlyKenny


      it doesn't to me, weird ain't it?

    4. Swithblade


      come in game tonight and ill change that for you kenny

  2. It may look like tweetie it may act like tweetie but its a Pod person from the Planet MARS

  3. Today Im Home Alone for the first time in almost 3 years :) Nuff Said

    1. teehachse


      you got some peace and quiet at last then =)

    2. SMVH


      Oh yea the only thing missing is the cheese pizza

  4. If it gets any hotter i'm of to live in the Shower

  5. OH Well Here Comes the PO PO

  6. Well having played CL3 for a bit now much better than CL2 but i hope the guys at the top fix the handling on the repo truck :)

    1. Ekloef
    2. SMVH


      it was the shit its about 7 inchs long and brown be on the look out for it

  7. I'm Back :)

    1. Brizo


      Nice one mate! welcome back bud! :D

  8. Miss you big man <3 COME BACK TO US

    1. SMVH


      i've not left or anything just been doing real life stuff but i'm not going anywhere

  9. all that doubt for nothing :) well done on your acceptance into PD m8y

    1. MrWussy


      Yeah you shouldn't doubt yourself like that Tonyy, congrats buddy...

      Now it's my turn to doubt I'm getting accepted into pd :/ lol

  10. Well it went and happened im a Grandad :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. xReladinx


      Congrats ol' timer!

    3. SMVH


      thanks guys and less of the old timer :)

    4. xReladinx


      haha, your actually pretty young to be a grandad! again, congratulations!

  11. Shit Happen's Simple As

  12. Hi SMVH welcome to the forums


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