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Everything posted by MrWussy

  1. Finally got my new PC so I'm back :)

    1. ArMaTeC
    2. Humble


      NICE  cant went to see on on the server man


    3. toxic375


      Just in time bud, I’ve got all re-settled in ^_^ can’t wait to see you in game :D

  2. RIP PapaSmoke, you will be missed

    1. CheefReef
    2. Humble


      Rip man miss u a lot man

    3. Humble


      Rip man miss u a lot man

  3. Got promoted to Assistant Chief of the EMT service :-D

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    2. DeadlyKenny


      Scrub, now you have to do all the paperwork

    3. TheNobleOne


      Congrats on the promotion! Why do i always miss the big stuff ha ha.

    4. BigP


      Congrats MRWuzzy well done and deserved

  4. Happy Birthday Slayertom :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Kellee <3

    1. Kellee


      Happy Birthday scrub lord <3

  6. Happy Birthday bud!

  7. Got promoted to Divisional Officer :-) I'm so happy

  8. Happy birthday bro

  9. Happy birthday buddy

    1. SirEvo


      Cheers Wussy ;)

  10. Gratz on 1 year on the mod bud

  11. Too Drunk to play, cya all tomorrow lol

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    2. MrWussy


      Yesterday yes definitely lol

    3. Evo


      There is no such thing as too drunk to play, trustme.

    4. xXFallenAngelXx


      there is no such thing as too drunk to be an EMT, trust me.

  12. EMT life awaits me :-)

    1. Pan21


      Congrats Wussy hope you enjoy it.

    2. Kellee
  13. Happy birthday buddy

  14. Happy Birthday Tuxor

  15. Happy birthday mate :-D

  16. Happy birthday buddy :-D

  17. Had a great first day as a cop, really looking forward to the next :-)

    1. D1G1TALX

      CIV D1G1TALX

      And many more to come, hopefully! :)

    2. Barrett


      Don't worry, you'll eventually become jaded and hostile like me :)

    3. CheefReef
  18. Completed my interview and are now waiting for the resualt... ( fingers crossed )

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    2. MAW3Y


      Good Luck Wussy, you'll be a great asset to the PD. Hope you get on board

    3. MrWussy


      Thank you Zack and MAW3Y :-)

    4. AdmiralSean


      Well, MAW3Y, lets hope you are right ;)

  19. Applied for PD :D

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    2. Matrix86m


      Good luck m8, feel free to add me as ref. if you are short.

    3. Zackcb
    4. Weiz


      ^^ Likewise

  20. Last day of work until January 20 :)

    1. AngelFireDK


      awesome ... will pop by and talk one of these days if you are on