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    I like flying. I'm working on getting my pilot's license right now. In hand with that I try to get any training done any possible way I can. So, you can expect me to be flying something in game. :)

    On top of working towards my pilot's license I'm also working toward gaming. I'm taking online classes at UAT for game programing. I'm excited and I hope I can use what I learn to help with the server.

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    United States

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  1. Hey, welcome to the forums! Good to see a fellow aviator around here! I have my Private Pilot's Licence in real life and I'm an experienced ArmA pilot. We should go flying sometime in-game, aye?

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    2. MishaMilanich


      Yes, the Terms of Service.

    3. slayer543


      Hey, I passed my interview. What times are you on ts? I wanna know how to become on pilot on this server.

    4. MishaMilanich


      Now that you've (thankfully) passed your interview, (good job btw) you should browse the CLiki. But before that, you need to watch Tuxor's orientation video. It touches upon EXTREMELY important and helpful information ALL newbies should know before they get on. I'm on during the weekends at around 10:00-19:00 (Saturday and Sunday; Timezone GMT-5 which is United States EST). The CLiki is the CL User's Manual. I highly recommend watching the orientation video and then check out the CLiki. To become a pilot, you need $25000 and you need to take the pilot's test in the Glider. It's better if you seek a Flight Instructor if one is online. They can charge you less than $25000 (how it works, is you need 25k in the bank and you get in an air vehicle with the instructor. The instructor will offer you the licence and you have to accept the licence and the 25k transaction. Depending on the price the instructor has set, they'll pay you the difference. For example, my instructor's price was 10k so he paid me 15k and 25k was subtracted out of my bank account in-game. In all, I only lost 10k for the pilot's licence - and that's extremely appropriate for how easy the actual test is).

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