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Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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About Me

My name is Alan Bishop (ATrueSaint), retired EMT Captain of the City Life Fire Rescue and EMS.

I left home at the age of 16 and bought a one way ticket to Chernarus. I made a few friends and was able to get an apartment in the town of Elektrozavodsk. I would drive to the country and farm on some land I had bought. It was very boring but much better than living with my parents back home. One day driving home I slid off the road and smashed into a light pole. I didn’t have a cell phone and I was trapped in the car, I thought I was going to die but suddenly the local EMS arrived to help me out and take me to the hospital. After my short recovery, I went to the Fire Station to thank the men who saved me. That experience drove me to apply to join them.

I was accepted quickly and became an EMT of the City Life EMTs and was stationed in my town Elektrozavodsk. I eventually moved into a nice home and was promoted to a Senior EMT. Life was perfect. When the disaster of Chernarus occurred, it was the first time I ever went to work thinking I wouldn’t return. I didn’t return home but it was evacuated by the military safely. We lost a lot of good men that day. Many were split up and went separate ways. I lost too many friends that I still haven’t seen since.

I stayed with the evacuation group and we were relocated to an Island called Altis. It was very hot and many of us stood out from the locals. The military put us in control of the Island since its inhabitants didn’t have any form of government. I helped form the EMS for the island along with others from Chernarus. We form divisions within the EMTs and I became part of the Fire Department where I made my way up the ranks. I was eventually promoted to Captain of the Fire Department. I absolutely loved being head of the service I was so passionate about.

One day war came to the island and many were forced away. I stayed to provide aid to the war efforts to save Altis from their rebellion. I hated war, I managed to not get killed and not kill anyone either. When the war was over I decided to try to reconnect with the City Life EMTs who were now located on the Island of Bornholm with most of the refugees of Altis.

I took a flight there and settled in and rejoined the EMTs and stayed with the Fire Department. After a while I was asked to take the rank of Captain again, but there was already of Captain of the Fire Department so I was given authority of the Coast Guard. It was very out of my element and challenging but I did my best.

When I heard that the residents wanted to move back to the island of Altis I protested it. My efforts did little to stop people from return to the place I couldn’t return to. War had ruined it. The EMTs left for Altis and I was left with nothing on the island of Bornholm but to go back to farming like I did on Chernarus. I visited Altis a few times to see friends but I didn’t stay long. It was no surprised to me when I heard that war had broken out again on the island. But I knew that they would leave again and hoped they would return to Bornholm where I still was. I was wrong.

The residents set up their home on Tanoa. I didn’t know much about it but I wasn’t a fan. It took me awhile till I decided to move to Tanoa. War had really changed many of the people there but I found my life again in the EMTs. I’m just starting back with the City Life EMTs, I’m a little rusty but I have the same love for it as I did on Bornholm, Altis and Chernarus. 

I served on Tanoa EMTs for over a year making it to the rank of Captain before I stepped down due to an on-duty injury. I considered my options with my doctor, coworkers and family and eventually decided to resign from the department so I could relax and recover. I hope to be back one day but I'm someone who likes to take everything one step at a time and right now the only think on my mind is recovery and as always, happiness.

Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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