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    Hiding eggs for kids on Easter. Help my father deliver Easter Baskets. Jk, i actually like gathering resources to make vehicles and chatting to people. helping people start off on games. i love playing game like dayz amra bf3-4

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  1. whats the best way to thank armatec and his team for a good mod?

  2. had a fun day in cl3 not bad work for a big mod like this ^-^

  3. i was just in a car accidents hope to be back on soon

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Currency


      He's not as fluffy as before, perhaps a little matted now.... Poor bunny :(

    3. ofpMisterguy
    4. TheFluffyBunny


      ya i made it out ok more of less. my truck not so much... pour thing lol

  4. eny thing going on out there?

    1. Currency


      Just dead people trying to eat me, and random people shooting at me all the time. Every once in a while, I'll be driving down a road and some a hole in a blackhawk will chase me making every attempt to kill me. Sadly I just have to log out to remember, it's only a darn game. :(

  5. hoaw are ppl this week?

  6. its raning yaaaaaaaya

    1. RECHillick


      That's normal here in Ireland, every fucking day in fact lol

    2. TheFluffyBunny


      o then i must come over there some day i would love it :)

  7. looking for words to cl3

  8. is there a way to see why my friend got a ban?

    1. Tuxor


      fallow chain of command or post an unban request for him

  9. how are people to day?

    1. LukasDon
    2. Brendon


      i think som1 is back in the verification stage

    3. GaaamleDreng


      He'll be fine. He just needs to get revalidated.

  10. man i loved the foggy mornings any one els?

  11. happy new year from IDAHO

    1. Java



    2. TheFluffyBunny


      o so original. at lest i don't sell out for a $1 jk

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