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  1. disconnected and lost my 2 cars... haha just another day in CL2

  2. How do you get a Dodge Ram and how much does the largest cargo hold?

    1. rolecrafter


      torque sells dodge rams and i think like 2000 or 2500 is the cargo hold : 48k it costs? :)

    2. turbofrost17


      Thank you. I need to get my driving skill up then haha

  3. Looking for an olive group :)

  4. So Disoriented right now....

  5. Someone has to let me know when ArmA III goes on sale because $60 is too much for me right now

  6. Look out, theres a new Repo on the road... Yeah, well, itll take me like 3 days to figure it out

  7. Waiting for server restart, listening to Queen

  8. Trying to think of some good RP events

    1. MorganFreeman1


      make a paintball tournament

    2. turbofrost17
    3. MorganFreeman1


      i will participate undoubtedly. Ill try to come up with more ideas.

  9. Supporting the CL2 Stat Wipe

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. turbofrost17


      Never said it was because of their money

    3. DegoLocc


      yea, because the former top ten richest and top ten played times, where clearly the ones responsible for shit rp on the server......

    4. DegoLocc


      yea, because the former top ten richest and top ten played times, where clearly the ones responsible for shit rp on the server......

  10. Doing the math all during class tomorrow to figure out the best LEGAL way to make money with, without someone or in a group

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ChrizPR


      I know weiz. Still not the best IF you got a mi17

    3. Swithblade


      noooo olives is not the best way, get an mi17 and do oil, takes 20mins to fill and mi17 and sells for 75k with no processing.

    4. turbofrost17
  11. another successful run of olives. Still looking for that Mack R D that someone is selling :)

  12. Is it possible to fill up gas stations with gas?

    1. DeathWatchPaul


      yes you fill them with petroleum all gas stations auto refill after server restart so you will have to wait for them to be used a bit.

    2. turbofrost17


      Alright perfect. Do you get the same amount as you would from the market? or more?

  13. it just keeps getting better and better

  14. Yes!! First successful day in a very long time! Made about 40k on olives!

    1. Jagger
    2. BladeHoldin


      how long did it take you?

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