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  1. Happy Birthday mb3563!

  2. Happy Birthday mb3563!

  3. Happy Birthday mate

  4. Happy Birthday mb3563!

  5. All we do is spark Mad-Izm's

    1. BlackDog


      wtf are you talking about? You high?

  6. All work and no play makes mb a dull boy.

    1. MrWussy


      You got to change it then, we don't want a dull mb

    2. MrWussy


      We want the good old mb :)

    3. MAW3Y


      Just remember MB the harder you work the more you earn and the more you earn brings retirement closer ;)

  7. Merry Christmas to all, be safe - dont drink n drive

    1. AngelFireDK


      will take longer to start up the car than walk to my brothers so don't worry. and merry xmas to u2 buddy.

    2. AdmiralSean


      Merry Christmas, mb and angel :D

    3. xXFallenAngelXx


      I ahve some French Police approved breathalyzer kits so the only way I can end up drink driving is if i blow into them backwards.

  8. We cause tragedy, erratically Systematically, in your house without a key - How fucked up that'd be

    1. Ekloef


      mb goes ganstah rap oh yeaaaaa

  9. Let's go get some tacos.

    1. Ekloef


      I like tortillas better.

  10. What kind of plane is that in the picture?

    1. mb3563


      1981 Cessna 172P

    2. DblAAssassin


      Cool, I would like to get a Cessna 172, after I get my license :)

  11. Happy Birthday mb3563!

  12. Congratz on your 38th m8 ! ! ! :)


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