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  1. Changes in todays update: [ADDED] You can now add numbers from the call logs to your contacts. [ADDED] You can now see your own number in the contacts to make it easier for you. [ADDED] If you don’t like someone calling you, you can now block his/her number. [ADDED] You can now directly reply to a message or call the sender of the message. [ADDED] A loudspeaker and volume control has been added to the phone. (buttons on the left side of the phone) [ADDED] You can turn your phone off by pressing the right button on the phone and then turn it on by opening it again. [FIXED] You can now use the apps menu while in a vehicle without receiving any error messages.
  2. Changes in todays update: [ADDED] You can now contact the CLPD (dial 911), the EMT Service (dial 101) and NATO (dial 100) via. the phone. [ADDED] A dispatch system has been added. Members of the CLPD, EMT Service and NATO have to enable the dispatch function on their phone in order to receive phone calls from people in need of help. [ADDED] If dispatch is active you will be able to see it by opening your contacts on your phone. If the icon is green, dispatch is active. If it’s red then dispatch is not active at the moment. [FIXED] Text messages can now be deleted.
  3. Here is a screenshot of what it actually looks like ingame:
  4. Factory Requirement List [WIP] This is just a quick post to inform everyone of the changes @ArMaTeC made to the factory today. As shown in the screenshot, you now have a drop down menu on your right side with every item or vehicle that can be crafted in the factory. Once you selected an item or a vehicle it will show you all the requirements needed. This is still WIP and there might be some changes or tweaks in the future. We will keep you guys updated on this post!
  5. I’m in the TS channel but I’m unable to contact anyone due to “insuficiant premissions” i need to talk to someone about getting my Tags back. its been a while since I played, but I went throughthe interview process a while back and am trying ot get back into the game now. If someone could help me out I would appreciate that! Thank you in advance!

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    2. MikeJohnson


      Yea, i just talkedd to a member and i told him i needed to re-read the rules that way if anything changed and so i can answer all questions correctly to know that i read and understood them.

    3. Dan


      Awesome. Hope to see you on the Server soon Mike.

    4. MikeJohnson


      Looks like that’s all I had to do was make a copy of those files elsewhere. It’s working a-okay for me now! Thanks, Dan!

  6. Helper for a year now! :)

    1. RECHillick


      Then in a deep whisper from tec on ts you'll hear a angry Dan "Stopping giving me illegal shit" haha

    2. Brizo


      Gratz my main man

  7. Happy Birthday Dan!

  8. Got 12 hours already :p haha

    1. Dan


      Glad to hear that, CJ ;)

  9. Congrats on 1000 posts Dan. Hope you're doing alright buddy

  10. Already for 6. months in this Community! :-)

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    2. DeadlyKenny


      Bout time you fucked off then isnt it? :p

    3. MrWussy


      Kenny be nice!

    4. Dan


      Kenny is always being mean to me :'(

  11. Awesome. Could take up to two weeks till I get my Internet. This is just perfect...

  12. I just discovered Netflix, lol.

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    2. WalterSobchak


      start watching house of cards asap then Dan the best series on netflix imo.

    3. Synweb


      Fuck house of cards..... Orange is the New Black....... Watch that now! That is if you love T&A.

    4. winkleman129


      orange is the new black is a great show can't wait for season 3

  13. Drama.. Drama everywhere..

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    2. Zerotoxins
    3. xXFallenAngelXx


      Oh good, I was scared people would have realised is only a game for a moment there. Thank fuck they still get butthurt or I dont know what Id do.

  14. I will never .. drink again ..

    1. Demi


      That's what they all say...

    2. MrWussy


      Until next time at least lol

    3. Dan


      I guess I'm the kind of guy who shoudn't get drunk, lol..