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  1. how big are the citylifefiles? i want to get back in the game but have to redownload.

  2. iam leaving citylife for the time being. it kills me not being able to play on here. i have one concern. will my account be deleted? i cannot play for the time being due to my internet connection.

    1. daniele01


      Depends how long

    2. MrWussy


      Your account won't be deleted mate, but it might get reset in the game


  3. Happy Birthday GeorgeBanuelos!

  4. for fucks sake just found out iam moving to a whole another country ;/ ain't life a bitch.

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    2. Sinc


      look on the bright side .. i don't think you need to be 21 to drink in mexico ;)

    3. teehachse


      and the food is good! tequila and burritos mmm

    4. GeorgeBanuelos
  5. Hi GeorgeBanuelos welcome to the forums