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  1. still trying to catch you for may helper interview :)

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MadGeordie

      CLPD MadGeordie

      can i do listen ins wile trying to catch you on TS or do i have to wait till after that?

    3. austin4362


      Yes. 3-5 Monday Eastern US Time

    4. MadGeordie

      CLPD MadGeordie

      sorry i missed you i was on the phone

  2. Happy Birthday austin4362!

  3. HAPPY B-DAY darlin

  4. remember this austin4362 very nice example of rp :D
  5. Finally done with work...off tomorrow then to the night shift. ugh.

    1. RECHillick


      Ain't bad mate, enjoy the day of with a beer ;)

  6. All i want for Christmas is gymshowers.

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    2. MrSpy


      Can i has gymshowers

    3. Reeko


      its not illegal if ur the law

    4. BlackDog


      I knew you were gay...tits

  7. I want my child support tonight, ok?

  8. Nice Kidnapping roleplay, really enjoyed it... Although it won't happen again!! >:D