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  1. Happy Birthday RECHillick!

  2. Found out my dad passed away today when flying hes plane, RIP Dad. 20/03/2016

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    2. daniele01


      I'm sorry to hear of your loss RECHillick - as a community we stand with you in your time of grief. Condolences to you and your family

    3. RECHillick


      Yeah cheers. Haven't taken this the best way since my dad meant the world to me and now hes gone :( but as he always said ":ive everyday like its your last" and "The show must go on"

    4. PeterBush1997

      DEV PeterBush1997

      And great words they are!

  3. See ya City Life its been a fun 4 years and hopefully be back someday.

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    2. Tonyy
    3. Asus


      Enjoy the army bitch.

    4. RECHillick


      Thanks cunt haha Gonna come back for @Nial <3 then i'll be gone in March 14th for the army lol

  4. Been part of this mod for 4 years from today :D So much has changed within that time its crazy lol

    1. NiallMcslive


      congrats, may the potato be ever with you and the life ahead of you :p

  5. Heading back to Ireland now on the 23rd haha Man i hate the flies in this country they attack the shit out of you haha

    1. NiallMcslive


      Hey, atleast you ain't freezing your nuts off...Got that to be thankful for :p

    2. RECHillick


      True haha but be glad to play some pc games again and cl seems like its been years haha xD

  6. Gonna be staying in Australia after the night i had tonight haha

    1. Click


      You should jump the ditch and visit New Zealand for a week where cooler than Australia.

    2. coolyoung
  7. Got my military intake date already (For training) :D 14/03/2016 applied for tankcrew (Driver)

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    2. RECHillick


      Thanks haha cunts lol

    3. Tai


      Don't piss him off. You might find your car crushed one morning

    4. Zackcb


      Well hopefully they don't find out about your multiple crimes commited here. Good luck bud!

  8. Passed my 2 day selection course :D for the army (British army) fucking tired xD

    1. MrWussy


      Don't they serve potatoes???

  9. Got a knife in csgo worth 350 euros xD opened with the case which cost euros 2.19 - https://gyazo.com/71459ef420c38fdca3fece6f8caab7c9

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    2. RECHillick
    3. DeadlyKenny
    4. RECHillick


      Sold the knife for 313, dam the tax is high on steam lol

  10. Dem feels when the Irish Defences Forces are taking people, i applied <3 :D

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    2. Luck


      Mate u worry too much you'll probably be fine don't forget to mention all ur hours logged on arma it is after all a millitary simulator

    3. Zackcb


      Well I told Warden when he was going to be a cop in real life he could use me as a reference. Can't really help you here. Sorry!

    4. RECHillick


      Y'all are werid fuckers lol jk