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  1. why did I get a warning point? what exactly did I do

    1. PeterBush1997

      DEV PeterBush1997

      This is not the place or person to be talking to about that, speak to an admin if you're confused and take noted of posts you're tagged in, you are notified about them

    2. wolfstien


      ok thank you for clearing that for me, its been a while since ive been back here and i recieved an email linking me here.

    3. ArMaTeC
  2. Hello guys,

    Ive missed you all. sorry for the sudden disappearance, I had matters that needed to be looked after. I am not sure how to get back in or what have changed since a year ago, a lot I assume. I will try to get Back in as soon as I figure how my PC worked and what need to be updated. love you all and best regards

    1. NiallMcslive


      As it looks like your still a full member just hop on ts3, download the mods, apex if you dont have it already, read the rules again and the orientation document and then do a short interview to get your tags back, then you’ll be able to play again.