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  1. Welcome back mate! Hop on TS sometime, hope to see you around

  2. Hi Dude, haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all is okay!

  3. Bornholm, Bornholm, I can't wait for Bornholm

    1. Armanicky
    2. Tangobird


      A welcomed changed. I just hope population increases because i'm bored sitting in my vehicle playing the radio.

    3. JefferyDahmer


      You still waiting?

  4. Can't beat putting Pen to Paper

    1. ArMaTeC


      But you can beat the person with the pen!

  5. Everything you didn't do, is stand right in front of you

  6. Time for a change of Scenery - PD Application in :)

  7. There's a very thin line, between telling a joke and turning the knife

  8. Hyped for CL3, EMT Paperwork for basic operations is pretty much sorted :D

  9. Happy birthday girl... boy... ;)

  10. I really enjoyed the race last night :) Thankyou to the admins for organizing the event in all it's splender. I never thought I'd come anywhere close to second! Thankyou Falcos for your support and commentary xD it made the night all that more interesting :p

    1. PHAL


      Was an awesome event, glad to see the racetrack being used! a couple of idiots tried to ruin it for us *cough* prezantz *cough* but otherwise it was wicked.. well done on getting 2nd btw

    2. Icon
    3. daniele01


      Thanks :) Presantz did pike the mood a little

  11. Please join TS mate ASAP :)

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