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  1. Happy Birthday daniele01!

  2. I'm the Patronus of the CLPD

  3. Welcome back mate! Hop on TS sometime, hope to see you around

  4. Hi Dude, haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all is okay!

  5. Bornholm, Bornholm, I can't wait for Bornholm

    1. Armanicky
    2. Tangobird


      A welcomed changed. I just hope population increases because i'm bored sitting in my vehicle playing the radio.

    3. JefferyDahmer


      You still waiting?

  6. Happy Birthday daniele01!

  7. Can't beat putting Pen to Paper

    1. ArMaTeC


      But you can beat the person with the pen!

  8. Everything you didn't do, is stand right in front of you

  9. Time for a change of Scenery - PD Application in :)

  10. There's a very thin line, between telling a joke and turning the knife

  11. Hyped for CL3, EMT Paperwork for basic operations is pretty much sorted :D

    1. Demi



  12. Well this is going to be interesting...

  13. Happy birthday girl... boy... ;)

    1. daniele01


      xD Thank you Kelle