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  1. I’m in the TS channel but I’m unable to contact anyone due to “insuficiant premissions” i need to talk to someone about getting my Tags back. its been a while since I played, but I went throughthe interview process a while back and am trying ot get back into the game now. If someone could help me out I would appreciate that! Thank you in advance!

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    2. MikeJohnson


      Yea, i just talkedd to a member and i told him i needed to re-read the rules that way if anything changed and so i can answer all questions correctly to know that i read and understood them.

    3. Dan


      Awesome. Hope to see you on the Server soon Mike.

    4. MikeJohnson


      Looks like that’s all I had to do was make a copy of those files elsewhere. It’s working a-okay for me now! Thanks, Dan!

  2. Just joined this AWESOME community and I couldn't be happier! Maybe one day I'll be able to join the PD if they'd have me! Well until then I'm just gonna keep my nose clean. Just have to get a job first! At least I have my drivers liscense! and a vehicle! xD Thanks everyone for making my first 36hrs of CL and AWESOME one!

    1. DeathWatchPaul


      Glad to have you with us and welcome to City Life :)

    2. Wir3tap


      Welcome to City Life!!! If you have any questions let us know!

    3. AceWhittles


      City Life News might be interested in getting your perspective as a newbie to the community! Message me privately to discuss the details : )