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Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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  1. Man it's too cold, hate working outside on days like these

    1. Axel


      What do you do?

    2. LukeTaylor


      civil engineering, i am responsible for supplying people in london with fresh water. or giving everyone Legionnaires' Disease, depends on how you look at it :D

    3. Axel


      heat the water to 35 °C, that's right on the money for legionnaires' disease!

  2. Watching a kid in a buggy with a balloon in one hand and an unopened choclate bar in the other, I can see he wants to eat the choclate bar but it would mean letting go of the balloon. He finally throws the sweet on the floor to force his mum to get off the phone and open it for him, genius

  3. Don't think I have much time left, but I think I still have one more big score left in me.

    1. SierraMike


      It goes, it goes, it goes. BOOM

    2. LukeTaylor


      I'm gonna be bringing a massive shipment of product out of the country, if all go's well we will disappear very rich men

    3. SierraMike


      May the force be with you

  4. There ain't no school like the old school and im the fucking headmaster

    1. SierraMike


      And im the Fuckin CheeseBurger!

  5. Welcome to the forums LukeTaylor :)

Donations needed fellow city life lovers Give Love


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