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  1. Recruit Mitchell… SoonTM

    Recruit Taylor… SoonTM


  2. Suh ma doods, swing by, take a seat, listen a while.


  3. A wild SierraMike has been spotted in the flat lands of Bornholm

  4. Erm, Hi. I'm back...

    1. RECHillick


      Ah Jesus lol welcome back mate

  5. S&L Repairs, Bringing a new fun way to refuel or repair. Coming to a city near you.

    1. Tangobird


      can you fix the tie rods and the wheel aliment on my repo?

    2. SierraMike


      Yeah our head mechanic, Luke, can have it done in a jiffy.

      Opening times may vary. :D

  6. Good Day on CL3. Almost everything's broken, still enjoyed the shit outta it.

  7. Harvey Dent... Can he be trusted?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Brizo


      Certainly not....... (Batmans perspective)

    3. xXFallenAngelXx
    4. SierraMike


      Well he's alright unless you splash phosphorus on half his face. haha

  8. 5 Hours in jail, then im back on the prowl. Feeling a slice of RP tonight!

    1. rolecrafter


      feels like i got to get ready in my chopper for another one and a half hour chase.

    2. SierraMike


      Too bad TS got Ddos-ed, maybe tomorrow :D

  9. Tonight... there's gonna be hostilities ;)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AgentN


      Lmfao, Yes mate. Hope to rob some bitches with you soon ;)

      Fallen you're special

    3. xXFallenAngelXx
    4. SierraMike


      A red FallenAngel. A green AgentN, Scripts have been flipped haha and yh should be good robing some poor sucka of his hard earned cash :D

  10. I think I've contracted that City Life Fever, again.

    1. rolecrafter


      You never got rid of it in the first place, once signed up you're doomed

    2. SierraMike


      Haha, i think your right :D

  11. Just as i get accepted into the CL3 beta, my PSU decides to start dying :(

  12. Where for out thou CL3? Drug runs via the sea and Bribes to the Police? Fuck il take that forbidden fruit tree

    1. rolecrafter


      hmmm i smell challenges. Or drugs, dunno if im a civ or cop at that time! :p

  13. Never trust a pissed off noob to value his life xD Vehicular manslaughter!

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