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Mod Update (The Overhaul)

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In the latest major addition to City Life RPG, several major systems have been implemented and reworked.



Server-side code has been optimised; this means that you will be able to enjoy a smoother experience while playing City Life RPG.  The server had previously been overloading due to issues with the old licence plate system. This has thankfully been resolved.


City Life Bank  

The City Life Bank can now be robbed! To be successful and maximise the return you need to be prepared.  306 deposit boxes await you when you enter the bank; all of them can be robbed. Each with a plethora of items locked inside including:

  • Cash

  • Turd

  • IOU Slips

  • Gold

  • Diamonds

  • Cocaine

  • Weed  


Once you’ve drilled through these, providing you have the tools you can head towards both the vault and the ATM. You will require C4 or an Angle grinder to reach the cash draw of the ATM, while you will need to invest in a high tech drilling system to gain entry to the vault.

This new deviance is certainly rewarding – if you can get away from the CLPD…


Repair System

The repair system has been reworked to make use of car parts.  You will now need the correct car parts to repair your car. This means that you will now need to call a mechanic in order to get your car repaired.  Alternatively you can try to manually repair your car but it will take a very long time.  You are reminded that in order to repair a car you must possess a repair kit. You will not be able to repair a car without one!


City Life News System

The camera and Ipad system have been implemented.  The camera allows a live feed to be sent to all players on the server who are viewing using the Ipad. CLN have also been given their own outside broadcasting van and Orca  for use in the field.  Please bear with us while we refine this system and re-establish the City Life News Corporation.  


Price Reductions

At the request of the community, the prices for vehicles and weapons have been adjusted in order for them to be more affordable. We hope, that  the community will find the game more rewarding in the initial stages as  it is a little easier to start out within City Life. As a result, our Emergency Services and other Nationalised  Cooperations  will see a reduction in their paycheck in order to account for the price reductions.  


AI Fuel System

If a gas station is running low on petroleum then a truck will be dispatched in order to refuel the gas station. This means, that you will be able to refuel your car more conveniently rather than having to drive for miles looking for a minuscule amount of fuel.

This has been implemented because the fuel cans have been removed from  gas stations; you must now fill up at the pumps.


New Chopper skins

  • ETU Orca - CLPD

  • ETU Ifrit - CLPD

  • ASU Orca - CLPD

  • ASU HellCat - CLPD

  • Paramedic Orca - EMT

  • Fire Department Orca - EMT  

  • EMT Mountain Rescue  HellCat - EMT

  • Club 7 Orca - Civilian

  • CLN Orca - City Life News


These Helicopter skins were created for us by DeadlyKenny & lukesinclair12 - Thank you!


  • EMT Sea King Mohawk, by KDK11


New Car Skins

  • Patrol Charger v2

  • Orange fuel truck

These Car skins were created for us by  MadGeordie  - Thank you!


New Clothing Skins


The following clothes has been added:

  • Paramedic Poloshirt and pants

  • Paramedic Stab Vest

  • Paramedic Pilot Coveralls

  • Coast Guard Poloshirt and pants

  • Mountain Rescue Poloshirt and pants

  • Fire Department Poloshirt and pants

  • Mountain Rescue Pilot Coveralls

  • Fire Department Pilot Coveralls

  • Coast Guard Pilot Uniform

  • EMT Tactical belt

  • CLN Poloshirt and pants

  • CLN Cap

These clothing skins were created for us by DeadlyKenny - Thank you!


Updated Clothing Skins

The following clothes have been updated to:

  • Paramedic Cap

  • Coast Guard Cap

  • Mountain Rescue Cap

  • Fire Department Cap

  • Fire Department Brown Coveralls

  • Fire Department Black Coveralls

  • EMT Mohawk

These skins were updated for us by DeadlyKenny - Thank you!


New Airport Law

Traffic Violation - Operating on an Airport Runway or Taxiway


Any vehicle spotted operating on an Airport Runway or Taxiway when those locations are not closed for a certain reason shall face punishment from the CLPD - Details of punishments can be found below.  Any vehicle at the International Airport may be around the terminal area, however once the vehicle moves from the east side of the terminal tarmac near the cage and boxing ring that will be considered a violation of this law.


  • First Offense $25,000 Fine, License Revoke, & Vehicle Impounded

  • Second Offense $50,000 Fine, License Revoke, & Vehicle Impounded

  • Third Offense $75,000 Fine, License Revoke, Vehicle Impounded, & 15 minute Jail sentence

  • Fourth Offense $100,000 Fine, License Revoke, Vehicle Impounded, & 30 minute Jail sentence


Individuals will reset back to the first offense after 15 calendar days from their last offense.


Reason behind the law:  Due to the amount of money that is required to purchase an aircraft, as well as aviation laws that prohibit vehicles to drive on an active runway/taxiways.  If individuals wish to drive around the runways and taxiways, they are required to use the service roads adjacent to the runways & taxiways.  This law applies to the CLPD, EMTs, and Civilian population.  In the event of a situation reaching the taxiways and runways, a 311 announcement will be made that there is currently activity on or near the airport taxiways and runways.  All aircraft are advised to remain in the air until further notice.  If an aircraft needs to land for emergency reasons, they shall need to contact the ATC & 911 to advise of their current situation and request to land.


Effective as of  22 September 2014


Factory updates

New additions to the factory building system


Drill rig rigging (Needed: Rubber,Steel,Metal Strips,Blueprint)

Drill rig motor (Needed: Rubber,Steel,Metal Strips,Blueprint,Plastic,Silicon)

Drill rig turbo (Needed: Steel,Metal Strips,Blueprint,Plastic)

Drill rig thermal bit (Needed: Iron,Coal)

Drill rig Drive belt (Needed: Plastic,Rubber)

Drill (Needed: Steel,Rubber,Metal Strips,Plastic,Silicon,Blueprint)

Angle grinder (Needed: Steel,Rubber,Metal Strips,Plastic,Silicon,Blueprint,Cement,Granite)

Steel (Needed: Iron,Coal)


Bear Traps

Bear traps, are a non-lethal method of restraint. These can be placed down and  left in strategic locations in order to catch out your opposition. For more information check out

[City Life 3]Click-Guide - Bear Trap on youtube. Thank you Click for compiling this video guide!



New Animations been added

  • Car Lockpick

  • Drinking & Eating

  • Gathering & Planting

  • Police ticketing


Rule Changes

Rule 6.2 has been rewritten. It is no longer a server rule to avoid a CLPD Checkpoint. It is instead an issue governed by the Lawbook.




Main Changes:

[Changed] SSL security certificates on the web server

[Changed] Vehicle and weapon prices lowered

[Changed]      Repair System - Reworked - Car Parts from race track needed in order to repair

[Changed]      7 Updates to existing skins

[Added] New advanced bank robbing system

[Added]          AI Fuel System

[Added]          9 New helicopter skins

[Added]          12 New clothing skins

[Added]          New law governing Vehicular Airport Operations

[Added]          Steel can now be made at the factory (See Cliki)

[Added]          8 New factory items

[Added]          Speed limits signs added to the map       

[Added] New Animations

[Fixed] cl3_lamborghini_gt1 Shadow lod open faces

[Fixed] Server overloading because of the old number plate system

[Removed]     Bread and Gas Cans from fuel stations.


Other Changes:

- 0000681: [Addon -> Vehicles] New PD Patrol charger skin not right (Sjonkovic) - Close.

- 0000053: [Addon -> Vehicles] Aston Martin DBS Volante far lods need to be fixed. (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000707: [Addon -> Vehicles] Lamborghini GT1 (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000680: [scripts -> Misc] ATM Robbery Notification - Incorrect ATM Displayed (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000690: [scripts -> Misc] Ability to deposit money while robbing the bank. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000660: [Lost due to Server issues] Lost orca after dieing and relogging (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000685: [Addon -> Items] RPT error with the drug dealer van (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000592: [Addon -> Buildings] Jail light does not emit light (mikephoenix) - Close.

- 0000679: [Addon -> Vehicles] PD & EMT Shop price reductions not active (BigP) - Close.

- 0000682: [scripts -> Shops] Gas stations and shops stopped working (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000147: [scripts -> Misc] PD Jail respawning (mikephoenix) - Close.

- 0000661: [scripts -> Shops] Script error buying from PD vehicle shop (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000656: [Addon -> Buildings] Kiosk at bank not hidden (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000630: [scripts -> Misc] Blocked Keys after using Garage (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000614: [General] Server Needing locking or restarting due to slow down (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000657: [scripts -> Shops] shops stopped working (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000670: [Addon -> Buildings] When bear traps are placed in the ground floor on the bank they set off if you walk over them upstairs. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000666: [scripts -> Items] Cant plant Olives at any plantation (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000650: [scripts -> Items] Error in expression <pawn CL3MOD_fnc_LicencePlate (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000629: [scripts -> Misc] Teleported when killed (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000622: [scripts -> Misc] Users getting teleported to 000/000 when dead (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000602: [General] Windows on Lamborghini Aventador (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000097: [Addon -> Vehicles] Lamborghini GT1 far lod issues. (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000288: [Addon -> Vehicles] BMW Z4 LoD buged (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000517: [Addon -> Vehicles] Ferrari 458 crashing on start of bridge (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000345: [Addon -> Vehicles] Bugatti Veyron pilot lod side mirrors are not connected to the car. (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000095: [Addon -> Vehicles] Aston Martin DBS Volante is missing a shadow lod. (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000096: [Addon -> Vehicles] BMW Z4 far lods need to be fixed. (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000545: [Addon -> Vehicles] Porsche Carrera GT Shadow LOD Issues (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000049: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Vehicle Vanish From Vehicle Storage (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000567: [scripts -> Company] Company Remains after Side Change (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000347: [scripts -> Misc] Search Drugs K-9 (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000348: [scripts -> Misc] K-9 issues with searching for car bombs. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000628: [scripts -> Misc] Login Error Script (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000624: [Addon -> Vehicles] ETU Ifrit - Texture Bug (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000617: [scripts -> Items] Bear Traps can't be picked up (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000608: [General] Jeffrey Winters shop menu (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000615: [scripts -> Misc] Handcuffed and hands up (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000581: [scripts -> Misc] Script Error when Arrested (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000591: [scripts -> Shops] New helicopters class issues in FlyHigh (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000601: [Addon -> Vehicles] Westpac Orca (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000589: [Addon -> Vehicles] cruise control dont work (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000556: [Addon -> Vehicles] "old" decals and textures showing under new textures (Barracuda Black, Black1 and Lightening Blue) (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0000585: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] truck wont spawn (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000587: [Addon -> Items] Emt Belt (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000549: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Script error when garaging vehicle (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000575: [scripts -> Misc] PD Gates Dont open or close with remote (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000559: [General] hamiltong34 (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000570: [General] Script error after spawn on server login (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000547: [scripts -> Misc] Small spelling mistake @Repo job (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000451: [Addon -> Buildings] House values and storage are bugged (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000573: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Output a MR charger from the car storage at MR station storage, causes the player to be stuck in Zeus mode. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000530: [Addon -> Items] Orange Drone Backpack error (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000401: [Addon -> Vehicles] Vehicle output storage, continually disappearing & names too long to see where they are located. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000526: [Addon -> Buildings] PDHQ Stairs misalligned to the building. (mikephoenix) - Close.

- 0000571: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Car Storage doesnt respect sea level (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000553: [Launcher -> GUI] When launching with CpuCount over 4 it pops up with an error. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000551: [scripts -> Items] EMT Tactical belt (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000254: [Addon -> Vehicles] K-9 cant exit K-9 charger (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000531: [scripts -> Shops] Refuling at gas station take the amount of cost as stock (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000311: [scripts -> Misc] Houses are not getting wiped on switching sides. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000544: [scripts -> Misc] Shite Chat message length box misplaced under Very Small Interface size. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000541: [Addon -> Vehicles] Correct new Textures for Plymouth Barracuda Black, Black1 and Lightning Blue (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000546: [Addon -> Vehicles] Missing Textures on Dodge Challenger - Beige Stripes (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000542: [scripts -> Misc] Spelling error when refueling in the gas station. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000689: [Vehicle] Vehicle ownership lost during storage output (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000671: [Misc] PD Weapons shops - Multi Buy (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000669: [New Systems] Need a new gathering point for gathering silicon. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000667: [Misc] Increase start up cash (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000632: [New Systems] Added hard coded gear weight to scripted gear system (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000613: [Animation] Added car lockpick animation (Apache) - Close.

- 0000610: [Animation] Added drinking and eating animations (Apache) - Close.

- 0000460: [Animation] Gathering/Planting animation needs to be changed to the current ones used by gather iron. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000611: [items] Added sounds to Bear trap (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000612: [Animation] Added police ticket animation (Apache) - Close.

- 0000605: [items] Added Bear trap (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000459: [Animation] Add proper animations for gathering with a hammer. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000524: [Misc] Gas Stations and Save Point at EMT Stations (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0000540: [Misc] Save points at EMT Sub Stations/Main HQ (ArMaTeC) - Close.


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