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NATO is the official government owned military, made up of highly skilled personnel to take on military rapid reaction operations.



NATO was formed in 2015 by the local government to assist with the protection of high value assets and security measures. NATO operates within strict SOP and guidelines that vary between different operations. NATO is an armed force that works with the local police authorities, supporting them on highly dangerous objective when required.  



NATO works corporately with the CLPD / EMT services, we are an independent side and have our own agenda with strict regulations and guidelines for members. If you are interested in learning more about the NATO we are currently based at 100/110;


This is our Military base - no trespassers, if caught on site you may be detained or shot without warning and handed over to the police:



  • You must inform us of your arrival / planned visit (You will be approved visitation rights)
  • You must await a NATO member to escort you onto the base (Wait at entrances)
  • You must follow all instructions and regulations whilst on base given by NATO members


Failure to follow the guidelines above could result in authorized detainment / seen as a threat to base security resulting in lethal force / reported to the CLPD for trespassing.  
NATO Objectives;
  • 1)      Provide escorts to high value assets (Events that take place every weekend)
  • 2)      Provide support to the CLPD when required
  • 3)      Guard and monitor government owned properties when required
  • 4)      Assist with rescue missions guided by both the EMT`s and CLPD when required
  • 5)      Guard and monitor properties owned by the NATO
  • 6)      Provide protection to citizens during terrorist related attacks
  • 7)      Provide protection and rescue services to citizens in red zones (Infected areas)
  • 8)      Assist with large scale catastrophes / monitor martial law



Identifying NATO Members



NATO members are issued with uniforms upon employment representing the NATO colors. Our members are issued with ID cards (xmls) and publicly listed below via link.





NATO Powers



NATO is not a police force; though support is given to the CLPD during operational requirement NATO does not have the right to arrest any person unless on NATO property. NATO is granted the right to detain person on operations when assisting the CLPD any arrests will be carried out by the CLPD. NATO does not patrol looking to tackle crime, nor will any soldiers within the NATO intervene if they see a crime (though they may report it to the CLPD as any other citizen when on duty) soldiers within the NATO will only involve themselves if the crimes being committed directly affect them or the current operation, i.e. transporting valuables and firing upon hostiles.



NATO operates within its own guidelines and recognizes only officials within its own structure.




Main SOP / Guidelines



Our main SOP and guidelines have been listed below; this are available in further details and explained in more depth to members of NATO.


1) We DO NOT operate solo; if no other NATO are active continue as normal civilian off duty or with base patrols.


2) Respect and comply with the CLPD We are BLUFOR friendly.


3) We are not the CLPD, we do not stop or prevent crime unless it`s directly involved with our operations, i.e. base patrols, convoy or assisting the CLPD with an operation.


4) Members of NATO shall not involve themselves in high profile crimes / gangs; any of such will be reported to Commanders via the CLPD.


5) NATO members have the right to go off duty in which they act as normal civilians and may carry out legit civilians activities; NATO members will not involve themselves in preventing crime / reporting crime during this period unless the crime is directed at themselves.







The NATO creates server events which at times will invite all parties from the server to get involved, some of which are listed below;



 Escort for high value goods.

Base breaching.

VIP assassination.

Large scale catastrophes.

Rescue missions.

  Quarantine zones.



And much more to come; each event will have rewards and attempt to involve different sides within the community, some events will involve action based RP whilst others will be based purely around creating strong RP environments.


Recruitment for NATO (Currently Open)



Our recruitment process is difficult and with good reason. We only recruit for the required position needed and will do so via the advertisement section. The recruitment process is carried out whilst the candidate is a civilian; only upon acceptance will the candidate be invited to join the independent side.



Stage 1


-       Application Form (Template / Link provided when recruiting)

-    Interview

-       Sifting Process (Records Checks via CLPD)




Stage 2



1) Military syllabus - tactics and radio training

2) Skill at arms training (On our 4 main weapons, all weapons we use are licensed with the CLPD)

3) Advanced training on air, land and sea vehicles

4) Diving course

5) Physical training

6) March and shoot exercise

7) Live mission assigned to you at the end which you must pass




Both stage 1 & 2 are completed whilst they are still a civilian; only on completion of both these stages and to a level of satisfaction will they be invited to joiNATO.  




You will then complete the NATO oath and be handed your uniform and badge.



Medals & Rewards are given to NATO members throughout their careers.


They also handle Server events and such,

Our Rank Structure 


 Commanding Officer - @DeathWatchPaul


Troop Commander - VACANT


Troop Sgt - VACANT

Troop Cpl - @jord1990


Specialist - VACANT-  Team Leader:

Specialist - VACANT-  Advanced Rifleman:

Specialist - @jord1990 - Recon Specialist:

Specialist - @ElectroDrop24 -  Support Specialist: [Support Specialist In Training]

Specialist - VACANT-  Vehicle Specialist:


Rifleman - @D1G1TALX

Rifleman - @ElectroDrop24

Rifleman - @RedfireBlaze

Rifleman - VACANT


Ranking Information

Medal For Length Of Service ( 3 Months / 6 Months / 12 Months) 

Medal For Completion Of Operations (5 Operations / Counter Intelligence) - Awarded to those dedicated to completing Legion operations / objectives.

Medal For Dedication & Bravery (Awarded When Suited) - Awarded for showing bravery and dedication to the Legion. 

Medal For Consideration & Loyalty - (Awarded When Suited)

Notable Honorable Solider Medal (Awarded When Suitable) - Awarded to only the outstanding and highest level of performance / worthy and respected by all.

NATO Cross Medal (Awarded when Suitable) - Awarded to outstanding loyal members, highest award within the Legion. 

In order to be part of the NATO, you must first pass basic training which will comprise of:


While in Legion you will be trained in the following.

1) Military syllabus - tactics and radio training
2) Skill at arms training (On our 4 main weapons, all weapons we use are licences with the CLPD)
3) Advanced training on air, land and sea vehicles
4) Diving course to show how to patrol.
5) Physical training
6) March and shoot exercise
7) Live mission assigned to you at the end which you must pass

You will then complete the NATO oath and be handed your uniform and badge.

All soldiers will be paid weekly. We are not limited to the sole use of the CLPD, any unlawful act will be subject to the law and we must follow our rules of engagement. We are not just limited to military operations - we may be employed to keep the piece or assistance in large scale catastrophes and rescues. Each operation will be awarded by a medal.


Further Information / Members / Recruitment – 


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