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City Life Rpg Development Update - Version 9

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Next announcement update.


Next announcement update.
Moving Forward.
City Life RPG Development Update version 9 
City Life 3 BUGS - Change Log


Altis map: 
We will soon be moving back to the land of Altis, this is because of multiple issues and bugs that we currently experiencing  on Bornholm. The change will be temporary and should allow us to use a map which is more stable.  We will stay on Altis until the new map has been completed.
Shite Chat:
is a communication system that will replace sidechat to stop the non-RP chatter and give the developers more control to restrict a player.
City Life News Shops:
The city life news shop has been added to the map and allows for the CLN team to purchase the clothing and vehicles that allows them to do such a fantastic job. Look for their eyes in the sky!
Shackles have been added to the mod, these allow players to be shackled and forces them to walk; players cannot run whilst shackled (You need 2 shackles on you in order for the Shackles to be removed.
Gun & Driving bans:
You can now receive a driving or gun ban, these are administered by the Police Department at Police stations or the Jail and  prevent you from purchasing items at the related shops for  a time. These will be given out for extreme dangerous crimes and once expired you can go and get your license again.
Vehicle light bar:
New light bars have been created by Mike and reduce the polygon count from the previous lightbar allowing for better frames whilst also giving a fresh new look to the PD and EMT vehicles.
New player AI guide:
We have added an AI guide that spawns in at the same location as new players, talks to them and lead them to the jobcentre to show them how to get started. 
Character creation menu:
We have tweaked the default player setup system so it no longer auto opens but instead you now need to select the “Setup player” option in your menu.
Repo lot fuel drain:
An automatic fuel drain system has been added over repo lot, this is to prevent players from gaining access to vehicles that have been impounded by the CLPD, without breaking in or gaining legitimate access.
Advanced movement:
We have added the Advance Movement Module to City Life, this allows you to jump, climb and vault over obstacles
Map overlay:
We have changed the colors of the map road overlays to make them stand out.
Dog kennel:
A new dog house model has been added.
Police hat:
A US mountie style hat was added to the police shop.
Police Hummers:
Armoured hummers were added to the police shops for them to use in high risk situations.
K9 in vehicle positioning:
We have added positions and exclusions for dogs to all our current vehicles, so that they look better and fix the correct vehicles
Ambient AI:
Ambient AI was implemented  to increase immersion.
AI taxi:
Added a call AI taxi system allowing any player to call a ride to take them from    A to B. Be careful that you have the cash on you, as the AI driver  gets very annoyed when players fail to pay  their fare.
Repairing animation:
Replaced animations to mimic a spanner in hand repair.
Handcuffed animation:
The handcuff animation has been replaced with a new animation to allow the player to move whilst cuffed. Also enhanced with a secondary animation for the player on Cop side to be able to escort cuffed person instead of dragging them across the floor. 
Fighting animations:
Added Kicking, punching and slapping to the new fighting animation system. You’re now also able to block the opponent if you time it right. Check your key bindings on the configuration menu to set up your keys. 
Dancing animations:
Replaced most Dancing Animations with new modern and improved moves. Head to Club 7 to dance to the beats , or just dance in the streets. 
The last ride saloon:
The last ride saloon was added as a place for people to hangout, and has fast become popular with the local biker gangs. 
We are working to optimize and tweak the default bis stamina system this to all balance sides and make the server that little bit more enjoyable 
Black Market:
Black market has been updated to be a land based vehicle that moves around thousands of locations giving the CLPD and Civilians more of a challenge
Weapons changes:
Weapons refactoring has commenced this month, this is to strip out overpowered weapons  in an effort to bring the RP/combat to more of a CQB style of gameplay
Vehicle optimization:
Making proper lods and reducing section count on vehicles. This will improve fps greatly once all the vehicles have been properly optimized.
Vehicle handling:
Vehicles handling , engine power and speed limits set as realistic as possible , though this is still a WIP the following vehicles have been adjusted: 
Audi R8 Spyder
BUGATTI veyron
Cadillac Escalade
Ariel Atom
Ariel Atom Race
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Challenger 2009
Dodge Charger
Ferrari 458
Ferrari Enzo
Ford Crown Victoria
Ford F150
Ford Mondeo
Member report procedure changes and the new member report committee:
All none hacking bans can be reviewed only once, if you feel you were  wrongly banned  please send an email to bannedclrpg[at]gmail.com with the following information:
Reason of your ban:
Who banned you:
Why you would like to be unbanned:


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.503

- 0004296: [scripts -> Misc] the Undead do not work well in buildings (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005218: [scripts -> Misc] paa error message (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005214: [scripts -> Misc] script error when logging in game (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005191: [Addon -> Vehicles] Driving car while I am cuffed (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005217: [scripts -> HUD] change needed for ctrl + space tip server message (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005219: [Addon -> Vehicles] Ambulance change (DeathWatchPaul) - Fixed.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.502

- 0005215: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Car Storage broken (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005213: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] car storage (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005216: [scripts -> Shops] a few vehicles need removing from jeffery winters (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.498

- 0005119: [Addon -> Vehicles] some of the newly added vehicle at jeffery winters spawn in black [texture issue] (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005140: [Launcher -> GUI] In game server login bugged. (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005190: [Addon -> Items] MPG Diving Suit can't be worn (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005159: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Vehicle storage output error (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.496

- 0005189: [scripts -> Misc] Unable to get past login screen. Type in password and DOB is right but it keeps popping up saying the DOB is incorrect. (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0004992: [scripts -> Misc] Taking almost no damage with EMT Fire Clothing (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0004749: [Addon -> Items] Weapon damage only working on Headshots (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0004643: [General] Doesn't kill you if you shoot someone in the legs (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005163: [Addon -> Vehicles] Found a AI storage container (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005008: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Loads of Cars are blowing up when outputing them from storage (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005174: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Vehicles that were in my storage, now deleted - No wipe or reset since yesterday; the day I previously played (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005161: [scripts -> Misc] Script Error With Auto EMT (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.495

- 0005129: [scripts -> Misc] New player Spawning in and getting absolutely no options to change clothes or face (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005160: [scripts -> Vehicle storage] Script Error on Vehicle spawning (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.493

- 0005068: [General] I keep getting kicked (DeathWatchPaul) - Close.

- 0005143: [scripts -> Misc] error message when joining the server (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.492

- 0005125: [General] Error saying AI Unit above peoples head (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005131: [Addon -> Vehicles] Main siren and light bar not working on donation raptor (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.490

- 0005130: [scripts -> Misc] Speeding tickets payment not coming through as a PD (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005083: [scripts -> Company] can't access new company (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.

- 0005116: [scripts -> Shops] script error when selecting [Remove Cart] in the clothing shops (ArMaTeC) - Fixed.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.489

- 0004291: [Addon -> Items] Small shop (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005120: [scripts -> Shops] Rifle Shop still sells 5.56 Ammo (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004221: [scripts -> Misc] AI medics are not working (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.488

- 0005113: [Addon -> Items] Police Hat being sold in Hat shop (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005067: [scripts -> Misc] new handcuffing animation issue (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005080: [scripts -> Animations] Arrest animation bug (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005109: [scripts -> Misc] [updated] Shite chat bug report (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005112: [Addon -> Items] error message when joining the server (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005105: [scripts -> Misc] script error when spawning weapons with the admin panel (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005099: [scripts -> Misc] Face randomizing upon login (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005069: [scripts -> Misc] Blackmarket error message when logging in game (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005097: [scripts -> Shops] script error when using the CLN shop (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.486

- 0001621: [scripts -> Company] When switching from PD to CIV your company on EU is not deleted (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0002668: [scripts -> Misc] EMT Hospital Run Exploit -- No need to drive (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0003958: [General] Aviation radar not working anymore in the texan 2 (DeathWatchPaul) - Close.

- 0003442: [scripts -> Misc] Shite chat (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005098: [scripts -> Shops] CLN members list (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005106: [scripts -> Shops] CLN vehicle spawns vehicles to the player and not the drop point. (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.484

- 0001999: [Addon -> Vehicles] Quad Bike has 3 available seats for a 2 seat vehicle. (Scrumbee) - Close.

- 0005078: [Addon -> Vehicles] the curtiss jn-4 has no CL actions menu (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005077: [scripts -> Misc] CLL hummer light bar sequencing is not right (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.485

- 0003383: [Addon -> Items] PAMAS has no recoil (BISBot) - Close.

- 0005052: [Addon -> Vehicles] Fantasy Air Allergo no Menu action (Scrumbee) - Close.

- 0005054: [scripts -> Misc] Bought a donation veyron, spawned it and sold it and still in the donation shop. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005028: [scripts -> Misc] New "guide" bot (AI) spawning inside garage at WP storage (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0001755: [Addon -> Vehicles] Dump Truck damaged (DeathWatchPaul) - Close.

- 0004862: [scripts -> HUD] HUD menu not appearing after taking vehicle out of garage (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005045: [Launcher -> Updater] Launcher Loops trying to update (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004939: [scripts -> Misc] Drain fuel of Helicopters over Repo (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004984: [scripts -> Shops] BM Marker shows no time (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005058: [scripts -> Misc] Getting assigned random Job Center missions on login. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005030: [scripts -> Misc] Shackles not working (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005064: [scripts -> Misc] Blackmarket marker shows as D.D not B.M (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004626: [scripts -> Misc] CL stamina is no longer working (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005053: [scripts -> Company] Recently made a company, unable to enter. Have tried multiple times, no message appears.msg pops up denying me from others. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004338: [scripts -> Misc] script error when switching sides (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005046: [scripts -> Misc] Can't Access Company Create (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004521: [Addon -> Vehicles] Repair menu on Dodge challenger (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004709: [scripts -> Animations] Certain guns don't go on your back (BigP) - Close.

- 0004143: [scripts -> Misc] Plant growth times (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0003233: [scripts -> Items] Some plants will grow very quick (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004000: [scripts -> Items] Poppies growing sideways and in 10 mins (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.479

- 0004958: [Addon -> Vehicles] Cadillac Goes Invisible when a few feet away from it (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0005022: [scripts -> Items] Script Error when taking Items from a Handcuffed Person (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.475

- 0004991: [scripts -> Misc] Admin Panels spawn guns without ammo (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004988: [General] Bank bug/glitch/exploit.....simply able t jump over the bank door next to ATM (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.473

- 0004974: [scripts -> Misc] babe_core error upon login (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.471

- 0004937: [scripts -> Misc] I did the impossible (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.469

- 0004948: [scripts -> Shops] Illegal Fishing guide - Bug when no Cops are online (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004947: [scripts -> Misc] STR_remove before password screen (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004963: [scripts -> Misc] "Arrested" person not dropped when "Arresting" person dies (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.468

- 0004925: [scripts -> Shops] I can spawn donation items multiple times (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.467

- 0004917: [scripts -> Misc] error message when joining the server (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004933: [scripts -> Misc] Lightbar on Civ camo escalade. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004923: [scripts -> Shops] Glasses Shop error when logging in (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004918: [scripts -> Misc] civ repo truck has PD/EMT light bar (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004927: [Addon -> Items] vehicle jacks can blow up vehicles (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004791: [scripts -> Shops] Black Market don't removes cash after purchase (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.466

- 0004811: [scripts -> Items] Can't Remove Clamp from UH-1 Glow helicopter (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.465

- 0004892: [Addon -> Vehicles] Grill on raptor is missing textures (Scrumbee) - Close.

- 0004910: [scripts -> Misc] script error when using minions (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004893: [General] Got a script error when responding to EMT death call (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004752: [scripts -> Trunk storage] I can not access my company (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.464

- 0004899: [Addon -> Vehicles] C1-30 log error (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004900: [scripts -> Misc] script error when logging in game (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004869: [General] everytime i spawn in i die. (Jimz) - Close.

- 0004883: [General] keys locked after shop use (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004753: [scripts -> Shops] Shops lock out sometimes when used to quickly (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004887: [Addon -> Vehicles] turbo's not working (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.461

- 0004652: [Addon -> Vehicles] The new pimped van got police sirens (mikephoenix) - Close.

- 0004871: [scripts -> Misc] reminder for the removal of driver/gun ban time (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004872: [scripts -> Misc] Can not get any new licences from DMV (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004870: [scripts -> Misc] Plane error message (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004875: [scripts -> Items] Script error when you receive a items (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.458

- 0004759: [Addon -> Vehicles] cl3_crown_victoria_det_armor Light Bar not working. (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004845: [Addon -> Items] Item Not Found (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0003966: [scripts -> Misc] Bag stuck to my body making my car explode (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004821: [scripts -> Misc] shift + 3 when being kicked (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004820: [scripts -> Misc] kicking/punching doesn't kill you (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.456

- 0004792: [scripts -> HUD] new CLPD map markers not showing up with new text (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004793: [scripts -> Items] When reusing fuel cans now am getting script error on screen (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.453

- 0004786: [Addon -> Items] Fuel can exploit (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004754: [scripts -> Misc] Map Icons Not Loading (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.450 

- 0004751: [scripts -> HUD] ATM getting robbed message (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004688: [scripts -> Misc] Police Hummer H1 (Scrumbee) - Close.

- 0004718: [scripts -> Misc] script error when setting visual distance (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004299: [scripts -> Misc] K9 veh passion update (Scrumbee) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.448

- 0004723: [scripts -> Misc] Checkpoint builder (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004714: [scripts -> Misc] script error with placing checkpoint builder items (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004722: [scripts -> Misc] EMT's get speeding ticket while code 3 (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004113: [Addon -> Vehicles] Nissan GT R can't be spayed at paintshop (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004169: [Addon -> Vehicles] Missing Pictures for cl3_gtr_spec_v (Scrumbee) - Close.

- 0004728: [Addon -> Items] Darth Vader hat (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004703: [scripts -> HUD] Whenever someone is restrained it gives you their name (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004526: [Addon -> Vehicles] Indestructible car it just is indestructible no other way to explain this (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0004721: [scripts -> Misc] Script error upon death (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004249: [Addon -> Vehicles] Skin needs a update (i3luevein) - Close.

- 0004620: [scripts -> Misc] restricted msg when trying to open house (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004742: [scripts -> Misc] Can't Access new Company (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004736: [Addon -> Vehicles] Donation car not leaving store (ArMaTeC) - Close.


City Life 3 BUGS - 0.0.447

- 0004706: [General] Script error when not having seatbelt on and crashing (ArMaTeC) - Close.

- 0004708: [scripts -> Misc] Object Distance isn't saved (ArMaTeC) - Close.




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