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In Game Communication Changes

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Hello members of this community. As we are growing in numbers, the more communications are sent between players on each side. Global messages are most of the time spam and not permitted on this server. Soon, you will be auto kicked for using the global chat. We will start enforcing this policy now.

The ease communication for dead people, ArMaTeC added a Yes/No box when you die to call for an EMT. You have 10 seconds to make up your mind and if you don't pick an answer in the time allowed, Yes is the default choice. If yes, EMT marker will show on the map and EMT's are notified. If no, no notifications are sent, no marker on the map.

The anonymous 141 system was introduced allowing players to send anonymous messages. No abuse will be tolerated, if someone's abusing it, report it to bluevein, dan or armatec with the time in GMT and the message.

As before, the following systems are still available :

    [*]911 - To call cops and/or EMTs if you are still alive

    [*]311 - For a general/information request/notification

    [*]Requesting police interview TS channel to request a chat with the cops

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